What the Bleep Happened to Architecture?

18 04 2019


LINK –  https://youtu.be/Q9mjdkuROPE



We were just thinking of this topic with the fire in Paris this week.



3 responses

19 04 2019
Trowbrudge H, Ford

How about something for impeaching Trump for colluding with Russia when he called on national tv for Putin to hack various opponents’ emails, especially Hillary’s to prove that she was a drug addict and pedophile, which he did but did not find anything to lock her immediately up for, and now the country is calling for moving on when the POTUS started the collusion with Russia process?


19 04 2019

I agree with idea (no proof) Ed Opperman came up with…. that Russia has the contents of the Weiner laptop and used it to blackmail Hillary in quitting the 2016 race. Right when she sat home and didn’t go to PA and Ohio and important states.
I think there’s plenty to lock her up for but she has so much dirt o everyone they don’t dare.


19 04 2019
Trowbrudge H, Ford

That’s what Trump wants you to think. She just stayed home because she thought she would win the popular vote by a lanbdsilde. and she did.


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