Does Epstein Work FOR Ghislaine Maxwell?? Not the other way around? < UPDATED

2 08 2019


Longer interview –


We made a blog just for the Epstein updates:

The first video was removed. It was mainly a snip from this video interview with Robert David Steele from the 6:30 min. mark –


Here is the transcript:

6:49 min. mark
Ghislaine Maxwell as the daughter of Robert Maxwell, who got a state funeral,
for being the most famous Mossad agent in history.
O.K. – so the media today is not covering the that Epstein was funded by Les Wexner,
who was bisexual and who may have funded 9/11.

It’s not covering the fact that CIA and that it’s a Mossad operation …
it’s not covering the fact that CIA and the FBI were complicit from day one.
And I’ve been sharing the tape and finally the media is absolutely not covering the
fact that Epstein is just one of 50 Mossad pedophilia entrapment operations
across the United States of America.
There are 49 others – all of them protected by the FBI.
And one final point, these 27 states that passed a law making
it a felony to call for a boycott in Israel….
Do you think they passed that because it was a good idea or do you think they
passed that because all of them are being bribed and half of them are being
blackmailed by the Mossad for pedophilia.
We’re getting to the core here. . . .

8:54 min. –
. . . . O.K. – so Epstein was basically a
a penniless moron who couldn’t graduate from college and they placed him in a
school and then they sheepdipped him at Bear Stearns.
And then Less Wexner, who appears to have had an affair with him,
then funded him as a fake billionaire and that was the launch.




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3 08 2019
3 08 2019

banks, BCCI, Iran-Contra etc. –


3 08 2019

NOTE TO READERS – this Epstein topic isn’t going away.
To better organize the coming news we will be using a NEW blog.
Epstein and pizzagate and all the dirty laundry will be going on the new

Everything already posted here will stay here. New things will go there. – FC


3 08 2019

971 is a ref to the big east-side mansion the rapist owns…


20 08 2019


20 08 2019
5 07 2020


16 07 2020

‘Epstein was Pinocchio and she was Geppetto’: Virginia Roberts Giuffre claims Ghislaine Maxwell was ‘worse’ than the billionaire pedophile and was the ‘mastermind’ of his sex trafficking ring


1 09 2021


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