Trouble Brewing at Area 51? Not Aliens . . . Radiation! ☢

20 08 2019

The Daily Mail [UK]

Nevada officials draft emergency declaration plan ahead of Storm Area 51 event – amid fears things will get ‘ugly’ when ‘2 MILLION’ visitors descend on the remote military base

  • More than two million Facebook users say they are attending the ‘Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All Of Us’ event in Lincoln County, Nevada on September 20
  • Officials predict around 40,000 people could show up

Earlier post, Did you know a half-metric ton of plutonium was secretly moved to storage near Charleston, SC?

. . . has interesting comments about illegal/secret nuclear waste dumping possibly at Area 51 site. And maybe the secrecy isn’t over the AFB doings or alien spacecraft or secret flying weapons but over highly contaminated areas they want the public to stay away from.

See also comment on this post by Trowbridge H. Ford.

Stay tuned. We’ll report more here on the topic. – FC



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