A Blog Worth Bookmarking: Mind Control Missile Murder Madness

10 10 2019

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” . . . Note that Wells was composing this in the aftermath of the Mark Foley “Pagegate” scandal that exploded into public awareness in 2005-2006 and that now has been all but scrubbed from the public and historical consciousness, but which in hindsight now seems like a vital link on the way to disclosures like Sandusky and the Second Mile, as well as, of course, pizzagate and what was in the Clinton-Podesta emails. But please, go easy all you conspiracy theorists, ‘cause absolutely NONE of this stuff is related.”



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10 10 2019

the post links to this 2006 article –

“A woman was arrested for disruption of Congress on Tuesday afternoon after she stood up in the Senate visitors gallery and began shouting wildly about child pornography during debate over the bankruptcy bill.

At a few minutes before 5 p.m., when Sens. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) and Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) were debating an amendment, the woman rose and shouted, “You don’t know who’s a pedophile,” according to a Democratic staffer whose office abuts the chamber.

“You don’t know who has a child pornography site,” she continued. As police were removing her from the chamber, she began shouting names. “George Bush, John Kerry, McCain from Arizona — those are the sites you should check.””



12 10 2019
Robin Rucker

Hey FC (& MF!!)

I know you just posted a link to an Indira Singh talk re P-Tech over at MCMMM so in case you weren’t aware of it, thought you might like to hear this playlist from 2005 between Indira and Mike Corbin that never fails to connect all manner of dots for me, and has continuing implications for just about every rabbit hole you can imagine yet today: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XPlk23P1aOQ&list=PLABE6E63A429654CF

Keep up the excellent work!!


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