Even by CIA Standards, the USA is on Suicide Watch 🚑

7 11 2019

From Cryptome.org

The United States: A Nation on Suicide Watch
by John Stanton

“… At any rate, the only maniacs who want US personnel to remain in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, three hell-holes created, in part, by the US, are zealous military leaders, defense contractors/suppliers, corrupt officials the US has propped up in the three countries, and black market operators eager to steal American weapons and sell them to the Taliban or groups like the Islamic State.”




One response

9 11 2019

Sent in –
… don’t forget how this mess started…with Dubya and his Iraq invasion and giving his buddy Cheney the massive $9B no-bid contract to KBR, then getting the Kurds to guard the oil fields. Then taking the US trained Kurdish fighters with them to Syria. The oil and gas industry and whatever Blackwater is now called (mercenaries) certainly do not want the wars to end. Isn’t that why Trump is now not withdrawing the troops from Syria like he said he would? The backlash from his O&G friends, both in the industry and politics? Not to mention Betsy DeVos’s brother Erik Prince? The talk that the US is abandoning the Kurds who are the allies of the US never mentions how they became the allies. The US hired and trained them to guard the oil fields of northern Iraq. And now they also will become casualties of war. Pawns in this chess game of oil.

Whistleblower exposes $7 billion no-bid Defense Department contract


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