Will 7.4 M Indonesia Quake Slap California?

14 11 2019

Tsunami Center “No” 

But we saw the west coast of the US all trembling this week … even up into the Oregon coast, Cascadia Subduction Zone area.

USGS says it’s 7.1 … but we don’t trust them. REPORT

Nuke Pro – 7.1 Earthquake and Tsunami Warning — Nov 14, We Called For It Nov 12 Based on 3 Weeks Low Kp Magnetism






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14 11 2019
14 11 2019
21 11 2019
Keith Mandeville

Starts talking about Cascadia Subduction Zone at 4:15. Got this link from Marfoogle news’s video on the explosion(nuclear?) in the China Sea. He talks about tree die-off being a sign that hot spots are present. Yellowstone has tree die-off. Another source talking about California hot-spots causing wildfires.

Watch “EMA Discloses The Impending Dangers Of A Cascadia Subduction Zone Quake” on You Tube.


21 11 2019
Keith Mandeville

And……..really strong earthquakes occure in the Winter months in the northern hemisphere.

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22 11 2019

The Big Wobble – Waiting for the BIG ONE! With more than 100,000 small to medium aftershocks in Southern California since July experts are wondering when not if the BIG ONE will come


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