Retired 4-star Air Force general says US must move nukes out of Turkey ASAP

21 11 2019

AGR Daily News

Retired 4-star Air Force general says US must move nukes out of Turkey ASAP

A retired four-star Air Force general remains concerned about U.S. trust in Turkey, and has advised removing nuclear weapons from a NATO base in Turkey.

In an interview with Bloomberg military affairs writer Tobin Harshaw, retired Gen. Chuck Wald questioned the U.S. ability to trust Turkey as a NATO ally. Wald also discussed the U.S. presence at Turkey’s Incirlik airbase where some 50 B61 nuclear bombs are reportedly located.

“I think that the most pressing concern for the U.S. now is that we have nuclear capabilities at Incirlik that no longer serve the same strategic purpose that they did in the past,” Wald said. “Given the growing strain of anti-Americanism in Turkey and Erdogan’s willingness to move closer toward Russia, we urgently need to relocate those weapons.”

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2 responses

21 11 2019

A lotta so-called Christian preachers on TeeVee like to
say that prophecy points to Russia as “Edom” or the
Northern force that will move down to attack Jerusalem.
It fits in with the propaganda of Military justifications,
arms merchants allowed to proliferate, the Eisenhower-
warned Military Industrial Complex dominates the world.
So, now we see the Ottoman-assrape-Turks granted an
“ally” status, with Ankara lying directly, compass-wise, north
of Jerusalem, while pushing a Commie propaganda against
predominantly Christian White Russia, those people who,
in the words of president Trump, “write symphonies…”
like us Germanic folks, mixed with the American blend of
Folks need to really examine which tantrum-throwing-ratpack
of groupthink-followers you would really want to follow anymore.
We have old Bug-eyes, Adam Schiff, and obviously Bewitched
Nancy Pelosi, on the brink of geriatric collapse, false-talking.
Our so-called NATO ally is a pack of evil anti-Christ enemies.

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21 11 2019

plus the NATO deal became null the minute the USSR collapsed – so the whole organization is illegal.


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