Bush and Biden party-hardy kids, cocaine and 9-11 … From Crazy Days and Nights

1 01 2020

“It wasn’t long before all three of our party goers were wasted on coke and booze and, did I tell you they were all underage too? Yeah. The night ended and nothing was done by the people who controlled the House [on Charles Street] . Things just proceeded and they filed that little nugget away in case they needed it. Now, these obviously were not all the nuggets they had, but for the purposes of this blind, they are certainly the most interesting. It took a whole lot of nuggets to make the exchange happen. An exchange makes it seem like a prisoner exchange. It was not really that. Fast forward nine or ten months after the party night. Something horrific happened inside the country (September 11, 2001 attacks). Everyone knew who was responsible and almost immediately the richest of the rich from that country (Saudi Arabia) who were inside the US were put under protection so nothing would happen to them and then over the course of 48 hours managed to make use of their nuggets to ensure 140+ people could leave the country (Bin Laden), and not only leave, but leave with the blessing of the only person in the country who could allow it to happen (U.S. President George W. Bush). A person who was confronted with some party nuggets. Someone on the opposite side was also confronted with a party nugget and more, but this is about the party nugget. There were so many pieces of information collected about so many people in power, that no one raised a fuss. No one questioned the decision. The thing is though, none of these nuggets are only used once. They are used as often as it takes to accomplish what is needed.”

PART 48 http://www.agcwebpages.com/BLINDITEMS/2019/DEC.html

An Exchange – House On St. Charles Blind Item



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1 01 2020

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4 01 2020

The Saudi trip is further indulgence in the comfortable propaganda.


28 03 2020


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