Mind Control Missile Murder Madness: FROM ANDROMEDA TO WUHAN

8 02 2020

” . . . we find that the Gates Foundation is one of the major stakeholders in the Pirbright Institute, who just happen to do scientific presentations for nanoparticle vaccines available for download from the NOVA website. And following the trail we find that just days ago the American company Novavax announced a new human version of a coronavirus vaccine based on nanoparticles – the stock is already up over 60%. Follow the trail as they say. Problem – reaction – solution.

The Chinese biolab level containment 4 (BSL-4) that studies some of the world’s most virulent strains just happens to be based in Wuhan.”




ALSO – (Jan. 25) Is the new ‘deadly China virus’ a covert operation? – Jon Rappoport



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11 02 2020

related – The Whistleblower Newsroom – Jon Rappoport


14 02 2020


24 02 2020
25 02 2020

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