5.2M Quake on Cascadia Subduction Zone

18 03 2020


RSOE shows 2 big quakes and 2 minor quakes



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18 03 2020
Robin Rucker

Hey MF!!

Continuing in the “I Smell A Rat Category”…

This guy running for Congress in the D21 of FLA has my vote. Even links, amid all this COVID craziness, to a Wash Examiner article: ‘Elites Covered Up Epstein’s Crimes/ No Wonder Folks Believe In Pizzagate.’

Actually amazing how Epstein’s ties to Harvard pigs like Lieber lead us straight into the COVID morass we’re living thru. You can’t throw a rock and not hit some pivotal member of the Cabal — so many actors (Good & Bad) playing out their roles here in real time; like we’re living in a real-time staging of The Stand mixed with a heaping helping of True Detective & True Blood — HBO predictive programming anybody? Adrenochrome?

As you’ve heard all the censorship algorithms are down all across Fb, Twitter, & Google, with YT lessening also — so fire your most charged photon truth torpedoes at will!! (Tom Hanx rumours flying fast and heavy most of all — LOTS about to break…) https://twitter.com/StormIsUponUs/status/1240354834026463238

Meanwhile, wherever he is, Epstein’s just the gift that keeps on giving.

Eyes open, heads down, no fear my friend.

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19 03 2020

Are you doing a new article on Epstein-Harvard-Virus angle?
I hope so.
I will re-blog it. It has so many tendrils.
Twitter trying to keep the pot lid on the boiling crabs –

I posted a cross link to yr comment on the 971 blog here-


20 03 2020
Robin Rucker

Hey MF!!

Very convoluted (those tendrils keep getting tangled!) — but working as we speak. Like many, I’m off work til the 29th at the earliest, so gives me a chance to unroll even more and try to get it all down in a manageable, coherent state.

And yes, the Epstein-Harvard-Lieber-COVID angle is playing a prominent role center stage — along with LOTS more.

Speaking of tendrils — If folks don’t get that we’re living in truly Lovecraftian, SciFi Theatre times, they’re blind.

LOVE your latest Frances Boyle uncovering re the smoking gun that this is truly a man-manipulated bioweapon. Manbatsnake soup popping up naturally my ass. Only good news remaining is that the whitehats appear to have turned this whole Op around and are currently in the midst of using it against the Deep State — multiple clues leading to this conclusion.

Stay safe my friend — More coming soon. Will drop a note here or over at 9East when the latest is done.


20 03 2020

readers – Francis Boyle post is here –

yeah, gobs of worthy leads on this story.
And all the footprints lead to Fort Detrick.
The other vid has more details …in the post comments. At the end they talk about big pharma being up to their gills in bio-war lab funding.
They want diseases made so they can have rights to exclusive “cure” they happen to have waiting in the wings.


21 03 2020

I want to see if he replies …


22 03 2020

M 4.8 quake – 47km WNW of Petrolia, CA

inland –
M 3.2 quake – 3km NNW of Lake Marcel-Stillwater, Washington


2 04 2020

M 3.0 quake – 41km WSW of Ferndale, CA

west coast (N & S America) shaking …..


19 04 2020
10 05 2020

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