The Amazing Polly Weighs in on the virus panic

21 03 2020


“Did you know that Bill & Melinda Gates, the CIA, the World Economic Forum, Bloomberg / Johns Hopkins, the UN Foundation & more ran a scenario for a Corona Virus Pandemic in December 2019?”


EVENT 201  aka the “drill”




One response

27 03 2020

Sent in –

— They spoke about controlling the MESSAGE, and pretty much nothing else.
— They expressed a need to work with telecom companies to ensure “that everybody had access to the technology required to get their communication out.” (and sure enough telecoms vowed to waive fees, overages, & avoid any disruption in service.
— They said they would approach community level influencers so that those people would get their talking points from a central authority.
— They said they should reign in health care providers, to make sure they don’t say anything ‘wrong.’
— They planned to work with social media companies to stop ‘misinformation.’
— The ex military CDC rep Stephen Redd said they could use social media as a way of studying people who were ‘susceptible to mis and disinformation.’


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