Happy Lock-down! EVERGREEN SWARM AND THE NEW CAMBRIAN EXPLOSION – from Mind Control Missile Murder Madness

23 03 2020

“Before all else mentioned, much more is going on than we know. No matter what side of the fence you occupy, that much is certain in these days and nights of blood infection and manipulation of data by parties like the WHO and the Imperial College in the UK, among many other vested interests. Keep in mind that what is going on is a societal displacement and fracturing along the lines of what was planned to occur when the announcement of alien life is disclosed as a threat.  

Something far beyond COVID-19 is beckoning here, the same force that’s winking at us from beyond urbanization, centralization and the explosion of our technology. It’s behind your screen right now, and it intends to turn us all into something new, something different. We’ll only get a little closer in 2020; but it always gets only a little closer. That’s all it ever needs. And still, there are others forces at work in this real-life version of The Stand…and the outer bands of The Storm are approaching.

We enter here a surging, violently chthonic landscape far more redolent of David Lynch or True Detective (something I have long contended that this investigation has veered into – especially since 2016), than any pedestrian mystery thriller. The psychosphere is alive tonight.

Just a couple of givens: Humans are herd animals. Only 3 or 4 running will cause a stampede among all the others, even without a scintilla of exact knowledge of what they’re running from. And our overlords know this all too well.

I know many in that strata wish and plan for some kind of new Cambrian Explosion, and are rigging the system to hasten down that process as fast as possible. AI and transhumanism are but a small part of that masterplan. You can almost feel it, forces of Good and Evil are squaring off in the center ring of the world, and that outcome will steer the direction of not only humanity, but reality itself, for generations to come. . . . (more)





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24 03 2020
Robin Rucker

Hey MF!!

Just left this over at 9east but thought I’d carry it over here too — this popped up on voat so you might have eyeballed it already, but straight from CDAN:

Gates not sleeping too well….


25 03 2020


25 03 2020


25 03 2020


26 03 2020

Confusion, chaos and complacency: Internal emails reveal how the CDC bungled initial response to coronavirus and pleaded ‘help needed urgently’
Investigation by ProPublica reveals how Centers for Disease Control and Prevention botched initial response to coronavirus
The CDC fumbled its communication with public health officials and underestimated the threat of the coronavirus
It struggled even as virus gained a foothold in the United States, according to hundreds of pages of documents ProPublica obtained


29 03 2020

Pentagon Orders Essential Staff To Deep Underground Mountain Bunker As Pandemic Prep Escalates


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