Euthanasia is OK in a pandemic: The Deadly Choices at Memorial ☠

30 03 2020

Mining Awareness +

A Hurricane Katrina-like scenario was long expected, which makes the failures on every level of government, hospital administration, etc., all the more shocking and tragic. With this article you can see what triage in the context of failure to plan could look like. Patient killing was apparently based upon “do not revive” being in their file, rather than their state of health, to better cover-up the killings. Dr. Pou is still practicing medicine in Louisiana. Worse, according to the article: “Pou has helped write and pass three laws in Louisiana that offer immunity to health care professionals from most civil lawsuits — though not in cases of willful misconduct — for their work in future disasters, from hurricanes to terrorist attacks to pandemic influenza… Pou has also been advising state and national medical organizations on disaster preparedness and legal reform; she has lectured on medicine and ethics at national…

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31 03 2020
3 04 2020

Sent in –
Being herded much? CBS: The hospitals are a war zone! Same CBS: not those hospitals. Same CBS: we haven’t been to any hospitals. Same CBS: we did get some footage of a hospital in Italy that looked like it was a NYC hospital, so we ran with it.

also notice how the second the death tolls caught up to & exceeded 9-11 that was first & loudest headline; clearly meant to sync/meme/recall 9-11 in the public consciousness for ultimate trauma payoff. (So of course we need a “World Reset,” this is the WORST THING SINCE 9-11!!!!)

And when exactly are we going to stop taking advice on this from (a glorified software nerd) Dr. Microchip and his henchwoman? Who have links to Ukraine, Soros, & oh so much more. Gates is definitely the Bond villain du jour — playing Blofeld to a T.
Follow the trail >>>>>>>>> Debra Birx, as head of PEPFAR, partnered with a highly dubious UK (by way of Jamaica) billionaire’s “charity”.. This billionaire, Sir Hogh, finances Extinction rebellion. It. Is. All. Connected. Slowly blue check commentators are catching up. Wait till they find out that Birx gave Marie Yovanovitch $30,000,000 in Jan 2019 for HIV funding.. an increase of ~66%. State Department Memo from Birx to Yovanovitch re PEPFAR funding. PEPFAR is the largest funder of the Global Fund (can’t be audited properly, UN oversight) Birx is on the Board of the Global Fund and Bill Gates set it up. Bill Gates calls for nationwide shutdown: ‘Shutdown anywhere means shutdown everywhere’ Yeah, please explain to me how he’s come to such a place of prominence that he has a say in how to run planet earth? Other than a #microchip & #vaccines – what’s up? Now how is #charleslieber implicated? We know #harvard took $$ from #Epstein. mWas #harvard really clueless to Lieber’s endeavors with #China? The government/ USPO had no issues giving him a pass to travel to PA & NJ during a MA #covid19 shutdown. Where is #CharlesLieber?

And THIS needs to go global like yesterday — Citizen/civilians doing what the media can’t/won’t:


8 04 2020

Abandoned to the virus: More than 200,000 people with dementia are living in UK care homes… and many fear they have been condemned to death


11 04 2020

Funeral director claims coronavirus deaths are going unreported in care homes where up to 1,000 UK residents have died after ‘ageist’ GPs refused to visit or send them to hospital


22 05 2020

more items on this topic in the comments here:


24 05 2020

Granny Gate and Vote Harvesting — Murdered Republicans In Nursing Homes Will Be Voting Democrat This Fall


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