Start your stopwatches – How long can Joe Biden ignore N. Korea? 🚀

24 03 2021

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Dail Mail [UK] –
North Korea ‘fires ballistic missiles into the Sea of Japan’, claims Tokyo, days after Biden ‘laughed off’ their previous test as ‘business as usual’

“North Korea has fired what is believed to be a ballistic missile, Japan’s Coast Guard said on Wednesday – its first under the Biden administration, and a move likely to increase tensions after it fired its first cruise missiles at the weekend.

The NHK news service reported the Japanese findings on Wednesday.

U.N. Security Council resolutions ban North Korea from engaging in any ballistic activities, but not cruise missile tests. Cruise missiles fly at a lower altitude and slower speed than ballistic missiles, making them easier to intercept, but they are still considered more accurate. 

It [sic] Wednesday’s missiles are confirmed to be ballistic, it will mark a significant increase in hostilities.   . . .  (more)



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24 03 2021

Asia Times – Missiles fly after US nabs North Korea operative

“SEOUL – North Korea test-fired missiles at roughly the same time an alleged North Korean operative, extradited from Malaysia to the US, arrived in Washington, it was revealed Wednesday.”


25 03 2021
Standby – Biden Press Conference Coming Up — 1:15 EST | flying cuttlefish picayune

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31 03 2021


14 06 2021


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