Genetically Modified Gulf of Mexico

1 06 2021

The Louisiana Sinkhole Bugle

Now that it looks like this pandemic is a man-made bio-weapon disaster or outright war, let’s revisit the gene “therapy” injected into the Gulf of Mexico

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  • Interview – The Gulf Blue Plague with Michael Edward
  • “Once the person who reads everything presented here connects all the dots of the picture, it will be more than obvious that BP has tried to fool Mother Nature… and she’s retaliating with a vengeance that is affecting the entire world. “

    You can find lots more searching for the term “blue plague”. – FC


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    1 06 2021
    Clintons and Crazy Mad Scientists’ Relationship Exposed in New WikiLeaks Dump | flying cuttlefish picayune

    […] like the gene-altered bacteria making flesh-eating disease run rampant along the Gulf coast ,,,these older posts have new meaning […]


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