Discōrd joins The Darkside

4 08 2021

Housatonic – 







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4 08 2021

Here’s the sort of talk they want to disappear ….



7 08 2021


11 08 2021

You know what’s really shocking is that some people who couldn’t even get through college intro biology, and maybe not high school biology, are accusing those who question vaccines of working for Putin. 🙄 Real experts like Montagnier say that it’s a massive experiment and results unknown. I didn’t know how bad it is until I snooped around some twitter accounts. I took high school biology, advanced high school biology, general college biology I and II, physiology, genetics, biochemistry and organic chemistry I and II (plus the labs), read lots of academic articles on HIV and CJD, and struggle with the vax topics. What I do know is that all humans are unique and complex and there are so many variables and intervening variables both genetic and from environment. What I’ve read over the last year plus made me question all vaccines more than ever, however.


12 08 2021

What shocked me was the much lauded polio vaccine effort maybe was just a ruse to cover up horrible damages from open air nuke bomb testing …

Now I am thinking they just want to make money out of all and make us sick on purpose to get money. McCairn today pointed out young people haven’t many assets or savings but old people do so they target them to funnel money into “health care” industry.


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