Billionaire venture capitalists who have invested billions in crypto startups look like fools – Wall St. on Parade

13 07 2022

Over 1,600 of the Brightest Scientific Minds in Technology Have Signed a Letter Calling Both Crypto and Blockchain a Sham

“Losing your money is mostly what has been going on this year in crypto.”










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15 07 2022

How Trustless Is Bitcoin Really? [PDF]

Click to access How-Trustless-Is-Bitcoin-Really.pdf


29 07 2022

(7-28) Senate Banking Committee Will Hear Today About Getting “Pig Butchered” and an Explosion in Crypto Con Men Preying on the Unwary

“In the written testimony that Lubin provided to the Senate Banking Committee, she reveals that surveys conducted by NASAA [ North American Securities Administrators Association] for the past three years (2019 through 2021) showed that respondents viewed “investments tied to digital assets” as a top threat to investors.”


23 11 2022

James Howard Kunstler –
” … the USA enters a holiday season near-death spiral as unspooling scandals battle a collapsing economy for supremacy of the alt news sites. Case-in-point: the aforementioned FTX monkey business, a metastasizing tumor of the body politic. This complex fraud will smolder for a few weeks before it explodes into an extinction-grade event for the Democratic Party. The usual suspects among the mainstream media are trying strenuously to ignore it, but the shreds of this exploding money-borg are already sticking to guilty parties far and wide across the political landscape like so much rotting flesh.”


25 11 2022

Evidence Grows that Crypto and Federally-Insured Banks Are a Combustible Mixture


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