New York City officials have lots to hide about 9-11 air quality

10 09 2022

NYC refusing to release 9/11 records without lawsuit immunity

[New York Congress members] Maloney and Rep. Jerry Nadler are calling on Adams – an ex-cop and 9/11 responder — to open the city’s files on what then-Mayor Rudy Giuliani and his administration knew from the get-go about health risks facing thousands of New Yorkers from the dust and smoke at Ground Zero, but kept the alarming information secret.

Sources on Saturday confirmed a New York Times report that a memo in early October 2001 to then-Deputy Mayor Robert Harding from an assistant warned the city faced up to 10,000 liability claims “including toxic tort cases that might arise in the next few decades.””


Many, many health effects and deadly effects of the bad air at ground zero are reported here:






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12 09 2022

On 9/11, [NY senator] Schumer vows to seek $3B for troubled Ground Zero health fund

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12 09 2022

Meet Larry, America’s luckiest man.

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