FBI too busy faking evidence to make Trump and his supporters look like criminals to solve the country’s most horrific slaughter since the Manson gang.

27 11 2022

Feds ADMIT To Having Agents Among January 6 Rioters

LINK – https://youtu.be/vJGm2dFzPiQ

IDAHO Four| Did The Killer Know the Victims?

LINK – https://youtu.be/K_ReQz5KAaY

The FBI puts all of its energy into supporting crime bosses like the Clintons and into running child trafficking rings and avoiding Epstein’s island blackmail paradise and letting China flood the country with fentanyl unchecked and seeing to it Joe and Sons’ Ukraine and China grift operation roll and on and on they cannot come up with a single suspect in the 3 week old horror slaughter in Moscow, Idaho.

And, by the way ….
Why is ex FBI Director, Louis Freeh tied in to child abuser, Hunter Biden?

And how about that Michigan Bomb Plot: FBI Scheme to Create False ‘Domestic Terror’ Cabal?

And why did the FBI allow Hillary to use an insecure e-mail server they knew all about?

And when is the FBI going to apologize for their frame-up of the Rosenbergs?

Maybe we should kick the FBI off the case and call up Dog the Bounty Hunter.








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27 11 2022

Father of Idaho murder house victim says he has heard NOTHING from cops since Wednesday’s disastrous press conference where they admitted they have NO suspect for murder of four – as police say they are withholding information to catch the killer


27 11 2022

As part of a gargantuan 1,050-page report detailing whistleblower findings from the FBI and Department of Justice (DOJ), Republicans found that the FBI waited over a year to begin a comprehensive investigation into the pipe bombs that were planted in front of both major parties’ headquarters on Jan. 5, 2021.


27 11 2022

damage control ….

Idaho police chief SLAMS rumors swirling over death of four students as they do ‘disservice to families’ and assures that detectives on scene ‘HAVE the information…’ but there’s still no suspect in custody


30 11 2022

if this is true it answers a lot of questions …


4 12 2022


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