Even Turkey Can’t Stand Clinton Foundation-Funded Human Smuggling Scheme of Fethullah Gulen’s – THEY Give it the Boot!

11 08 2016

Sputnik – Turkey Voids Work Permits of Over 27,000 Educators Due to Alleged Ties to Gulen

Turkey has canceled the work permits of 27,424 individuals engaged in the educational sector for alleged relation to Islamic cleric Fethullah Gulen, who Ankara believes was linked to a recent coup attempt, Turkish Education Minister Ismet Yilmaz said on Thursday.”

He said, “Our main principle is that children should not be [Fethullahist Terrorist Organization’s] victims. Students from the closed schools will be able to switch to other private schools…”


On the other hand, bribe-taking traitor, Hillary Clinton loves lavishing billions of laundered Clinton Foundation dollars on the cult leader/CIA asset maniac.

Clinton-Foundation-Funded (Turkey terrurist) Fethullah Gulen’s US Charter Schools – LIST

20 07 2016


Sibel Edmonds mentioned Mullah Gulen’s $20+ Billion shady network in the United States in her recent video featured in Syrian Free Press (on or right sidebar).

Her Foundation

12 08 2016


All updates on the crooked, gun running, terrur-promoting Clinton Foundation will go here.

More is at Clinton-Foundation-Funded (Turkey terrurist) Fethullah Gulen’s US Charter Schools – LIST (has additional items in the comments).


DOJ Blocked FBI From Investigating Clinton Foundation, State Dept Ties

Clinton Foundation had help from Hillary’s top aide

A top aide to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton traveled to Manhattan to interview candidates to head the Clinton Foundation, it was reported Thursday.

Cheryl Mills, then the chief of staff for Clinton at the State Department, took an Amtrak train from Washington, DC, to New York in June 2012 to interview prospects for the charity, CNN reported.

Report: Multiple FBI investigations underway into Clinton Foundation corruption

EXCLUSIVE: Joint FBI-US Attorney Probe Of Clinton Foundation Is Underway

” . . . The New York-based probe is being led by Preet Bharara, the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York. Bharara’s prosecutorial aggressiveness has resulted in a large number of convictions of banks, hedge funds and Wall Street insiders.”

‘Several FBI Field Offices’ Pushed DOJ to Probe Clinton Foundation After ‘Clinton Cash’
Clinton Cash documentary


LINK –  http://youtu.be/-hTc96kfC-g


moneyToss96% of the Clintons’ 2015 Charitable Donations Were to Clinton Foundation

“96 percent of the roughly one million dollars given to charity by Bill and Hillary Clinton in 2015 was given to the Clinton Family Foundation, a tax-exempt charity controlled by the Clintons.”

G00gle blocks this story: ABC, Univision Censor Clintons’ Donations To Own Charity

Records Sought for Clinton Foundation Donor Placed on Intel Board

 Uh-Oh! This guy, Preet Bharara, the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York who has the ball now on Clinton Foundation investigation let J.P. Morgan off the hook in the Madoff ponzi scheme when they were the worst actors in the crime and got away with ALL THE LOOT!
smilieRedDETAILS  (book – J. P. Madoff)

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