Nuke-Pro Sounds Alarm Over Hawaii Volcano Quake Activity

30 01 2019

USGS “Hiding” Earthquake Hits at Moana Loa, Largest Volcano in World, And Primed to Erupt

“Unfreaking Believable, I have seen this 4 times now in 2 months, and NEVER before that. They Disappeared a Caldera Hit EQ!!!!!!!

First review the “hiding”, then below, my warning for a Big Quake and I am specifically calling for California / Cascadia OR Kamchatka West. 7.2 minimal up to 8.5 (these are purely guesses based on gut, not based on Dutchsinse type “EQ Math”

Yesterday, I published a massively important finding that Magma nucleation or activation is directly influenced by “Quiet Sun” using Moana Loa records back to the early 1800’s. This will potentially change the entire field of Earth Sciences””

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Nuke Pro – Unusual Earthquake Activity Around the Globe & Hawaii Volcano and Hilina Slump

11 08 2018

Unusual Earthquake Activity, North, South, AND Hawaii Volcano and Hilina Slump

… article has many graphics.

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Hawaii Volcano – Nuke Pro says Moana Loa looking more likely to erupt, many quakes there

1 08 2018

Eruption of the World Largest Volcano – Moana Loa – Looking More Likely With Latest Caldera and Seamount EQ

July 29 – Moana Loa, The Big Volcano Mountain, Not Little Kilauea, Shows Sign That It Will Erupt

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Hawaii Volcano – Now Hydrovolcanic Explosions

24 07 2018


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If Hurricane Rain Hits Hawaii Volcano Lava . . . .

26 06 2018

We see when Hawaii’s volcano lava hits the sea/water it forms deadly clouds of  poisonous steam.

We are watching tropical storm Daniel – SE from Hawaii – 5 days out or so. It may diminish – but hurricane season has just started.


POST-TROPICAL CYCLONE DANIEL – Interactive Map (has Hawaii very hard to see!)

When a hurricane or tropical storm forms huge amounts of sea water are picked up into the air. 

Thanks to K.M. for the news tip – 😉

Fracking Connection to Hawaii Volcano Getting Hard to Ignore

26 06 2018

In recent posts and added comments we came across some very odd items about the Hawaii volcano.

For clarity we’re reposting them here. We are joining others who think this fracking operation at the so-called power plant is the crux of the problem.
The volcano may not be Pele’s wrath but a deliberate attempt to wreck Hawaii (or get rid of the people there) and maybe the US west coast too.

Earlier we had the fracking info (discovered by Dr. Michael Salla, not us) on The Bugle
Hawaii volcano, fracking at that geothermal plant and did it cause the volcano to erupt?

So they can quit denying they are doing fracking or worse at the site.
These two items are worth more attention –


VIDEO – Volcanic Smoke, Clouds & Summit Anomalies Collection


Logic Before Authority made a big discovery  –

His video

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Hawaii volcano speculation on Hilina Slump danger

23 06 2018

In case you missed it – the volcano is hotting up in Hawaii. The lava is flowing wider and much faster.
The crater is having all kinds of activity and lava ejection is going really high in the air.




Volcanic Smoke, Clouds & Summit Anomalies Collection


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