A Nuke Plant in S. Korea is Literally Falling Apart

21 08 2019

“A group of local residents is demanding the shutdown of a nuclear power plant in South Korea’s southwest after hundreds of holes were discovered in two of its reactors. A so-called emergency meeting of citizens from Gwangju and South Jeolla Province held a launching ceremony in Gwangju on Tuesday, issuing a statement calling for the Hanbit Nuclear Power Plant is be decommissioned and shut down. They said the reactors in question are too dangerous to ignore, vowing to fight until they are powered down. They also called on the operator to immediately cancel its plan to resume operations at the plant which have been halted temporarily for a checkup. The move came after around 300 holes were found in the containment buildings of reactors three and four. Reactor one was also suspended in May after there was a surge in the thermal output level.”




Surprise, Surprise! North Korea Struck by a Earthquake – Bomb Test

3 09 2017

North Korea Struck By 5.6-Magnitude Earthquake


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Evil Tasks Performed by Sub Named After Jimmy Carter

UPDATEIt might be a nuke bomb text and not a quake ….

The Daily MailBREAKING NEWS – Fears North Korea has conducted its SIXTH nuclear test: 5.6 ‘artificial’ earthquake is detected near test site, after regime boasted it had loaded a hydrogen bomb onto an ICBM


US can see plutonium from the sky over N. Korea – but won’t bother to find TEPCO’S missing tons of it!

14 07 2017

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Thermal images of North Korea’s main nuclear site show Pyongyang may have reprocessed more plutonium than previously thought that can be used to enlarge its nuclear weapons stockpile, a U.S. think tank said on Friday.


So why the eff don’t they fly that thing over Fukushima and find the splattered plutonium ejected from the reactors on 3-11?  


T-O-N-S of missing plutonium in Japan and in the Pacific!

Nuke Pro61 Pages of Stories of the Death Of The Pacific

…. including these, from 2011:

Fukushima: No One Knows Where (MOX Fuelled) Reactor 3’s Plutonium Went

Rumors Fly Across the Internet About April 26, US Senate / N. Korea, War Declaration

26 04 2017

LINK – http://youtu.be/Fondiwhs6fQ

Kim Jong Un and family will seek political asylum in Vladivostok, Russia
Reddit’s Conspiracy Theorists Think World War III Will Begin Tomorrow

Reddit/Conspiracy thread – Lots of people have pm’ed me for links and info on 4/26. In an effort to cut down on clutter in the sub, here is ALL relevant info I have compiled on 4/26 related events.


Sputnik (4-14) – Google Searches for ‘World War 3’ Break Historic Record as Tensions Escalate

“Tensions are running high, governments are quarrelling and people are freaking out. According to Google Trends, internet users have been typing the phrase ‘World War 3’ so many times, it has broken a historic record.

We just did a search (4-30) on “ww3” on YouTube and we got this – 865,000 results(!)

. . . and spelled out – almost 90 MILLION results!

US Navy Steaming Toward N. Korea … is on the wrong side of the equator

19 04 2017

How Did the Trump Administration Lose an Aircraft Carrier?
The White House said the USS Carl Vinson was headed for North Korea as it sailed the opposite direction—the latest example of a communications failure inside the executive branch.

MORE on Koreageddon

President Trump Does NOT KNOW; US Still In State Of Active War With North Korea; Not Honoring Armistice Agreement And Is Now Provoking Nuclear War Via First Strike Policy, War Games, PBS And RT Documentary Movies, Slave Labor

14 04 2017

AGR Daily News

President Trump promised to wipe out ISIS within 60 days, but nothing has changed in that direction and that timeline came and went.

Trump is now threatening North Korea DIRECTLY, by doing a FIRST STRIKE before North Korea does anything. What Trump does not understand or know is that the US is still in an active state of war with N. Korea.. This article lays out this history and reasons that led up to the continued state of war with this nation by the US.

His ‘first strike’ against Syria was also illegal, but when you are a white supremacist, you don’t have to follow any of the rules or laws that anyone else does.

via President Trump Does NOT KNOW; US Still In State Of Active War With North Korea; Not Honoring Armistice Agreement And Is Now Provoking Nuclear War Via First Strike Policy, War Games, PBS And RT…

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Hillary Explains Why Divide & Conquer is US Korea Policy

13 04 2017