US poised to poke the bear one too many times in Syria?

28 08 2018

Is Washington on the brink of a major attack on Syria?

World War 3: Russia To Deploy Nuclear Weapons To Syria

President Bashar al-Assad: “Syria Is Fighting Terrorists, Who Are the Army of the Turkish, USA, and Saudi Regimes…” [transcript]

Syrian Air Defenses on Alert Ahead of Possible US Attack



Cheney, Rothschild, and Fox News’ Murdoch Begin Drilling for Oil in Syria — a Violation of Int’l Law

16 04 2018

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This article names the slimebag war profiteers ….

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Source: Cheney, Rothschild, and Fox News’ Murdoch Begin Drilling for Oil in Syria — a Violation of Int’l Law

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14 04 2018

South Front – 


“The US, the UK and France launched 103 missiles on Syria last night, 71 of them were shot down by Syrian forces, Head of the Russian General Staff Main Operations Department Sergey Rudskoy announced during a short press briefing on April 14.

“Syria’s means of air defense: S-125, S-200 air defense systems, [as well as] Buk and Kvadrat units were used in the repelling the missile strike,” the Russian Defense Ministry said.

Rudskoy added that no missiles had entered into the zone of responsibility of the Russian Air Defense Forces and Russian air defense system had not responded to the attack…”

Lucky nothing strayed into Russia Air Defense zone – so no nuke war as yet. With these war dogs in charge of the white house it is just a matter of time.

Sputnik Syrian Air Defense Intercepted 71 Cruise Missiles Launched by West – Russian MoD

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Total news blackout seems under way (in US). This bit, sent in, is unverified but looks true:

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France isn’t off the hook either –

Updated military news is on this site –

The U.S. has only itself to blame for what is coming…




US Claims of Chemical Attack in Syria Fall to Tatters – Disturbing story of kids in “evidence” videos were kidnap victims of so-called white helmets

13 04 2018

Check disturbing story  –

Vanessa Beeley reports from Syria



We had this set to post with Sane Progressive’s video on it and when we pressed “publish” they censored the video!

Zero HedgeRussia Has “Irrefutable Evidence” UK Staged Syrian Chemical Attack

We Have Evidence of UK’s Role in Staging Douma Provocation – Russian MoD

An apparent false flag chemical attack in the Syrian town of Douma on April 7 has served as a pretext for the United States to threaten the Middle Eastern country with a missile strike; Russia has been calling for a transparent investigation while local doctors have said no one has requested any medical treatments for poisoning.




US Doomsday Plane Takes Off Amid Tensions in Syria

11 04 2018

Sputnik – Is It Today? US Doomsday Plane Takes Off Amid Tensions in Syria

Has map etc. –

The Boeing E-4B is one of ten National Emergency Airborne Command Posts (NEACP) that would be used in case something were to happen to the main command posts on the ground to coordinate US military efforts. There are currently 6 functional E-4Bs that are ready around the clock to receive the command to lift off. During wartime only the president, the secretary of defense and members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff can go aboard the aircraft.”

MORE NEWS ON SYRIA CONFRONTATION (plus more in comments)






LIVE – Aviation Map of Military Build Up Around Syria

11 04 2018




US just attacked Syria with Tomahawk missiles – hit an airfield – VIDEO

Chart from The Daily Mail [UK]

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BREAKING: Civilian airlines have been asked to clear airspace over Syria for the next 48 hours <<< UPDATED

11 04 2018

The Mirror [UK]

Syria crisis: Live updates as ‘coalition warplanes spotted flying over Iraqi border’ ahead of possible airstrikes
Civilian airlines have been asked to clear airspace over Syria for the next 48 hours, according to reports

“UK and US forces were said to be gathering to launch a wave of Tomahawk cruise missiles at Assad’s defences.”

SputnikEuropean Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Issues rapid alert notification for “Eastern Mediterranean/Nicosia FIR Area” due to possible airstrikes on Syria in next 72 hours.

Brits get sanity!

The Daily MailTheresa May resists US rush to bomb Assad without more evidence the Syrian regime is to blame for ‘barbaric’ chemical attack on civilians

Scratch That!

May Ready to Allow UK Participation in Airstrikes in Syria
” . . . she does not want to delay the decision of US President Donald Trump and seeks to avoid the obstruction caused by the parliament’s approval procedure(!)

earlier :

Stephen Lendman – Winds of War Heading Toward Syria. Pre-Planned US Aggression, Confronting Russia


The GuardianUS, France and Britain agree to respond to Syrian [non-existent] gas attack

VIDEO – RT: Apologetic Tony Blair backs US intervention in Syria despite his Iraq disaster  <<< recall idiotic lies by US on run up to Iraq invasion saying kiddies being killed in incubators. The harming kiddies lie is a trick dreamed up in WWI days (used by Brits).

WSWS – On the brink of war: US and NATO prepare military strike on Syria

Fort Russ – ESCALATION: US assumes naval attack posture

Satellite image of Syria


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