Birds vs. Black Specs at Fukushima

14 07 2014

Many black birds were caught this morning on the Tepco live cam.

For Comparison –


What specs look like – they appear as flashes and disappear quickly. Birds do not.



June 26 – Fukushima Cam – The Return of the Flying Black Spec





Fukushima Cam – The Return of the Flying Black Spec

27 06 2014

Black Spec is Back!  After 1:12 mark:



That’s no bird!

Previous black spec screen grabs.



UPDATE, June 28



June 29



Fukushima – Elusive Flying Black Spec Caught on Camera

6 11 2013

Earlier we have seen big black specs flying around Fukushima Daiichi on the live cam. The path and speed seem to look like particles emitted from the disaster and not birds or trash in the wind. They go super fast and are very hard to capture in a screen-grab.

On Nov. 4 this You Tube video taken from the LIVE CAM catches a big spec. Watch upper left corner – zero to 2 second mark:



Big Black Specs Flying Out of Fukushima Daiichi NOW, White Flashes Too

13 07 2012

On the LIVE CAM there are mystery black specs (radiation?) flying super fast out of Fukushima Daiichi plant. Some come from behind unit 1 or between 1 & 2 but others fly past from the right side of the screen to the left.

We caught 2 small ones on a screengrab. Birds look like birds in the screen grab so these are much faster, bigger than birds. And birds (picture 3 here) move on the screen like birds.  Hopefully speeded up video will be available tomorrow.


taken at 10:45 pm EST –

taken at 11 pm EST –

A bird taken at 11:15 pm EST –

just a bird that went from right to left









Some similar black specs and flashes on this earlier vid


If we find more we’ll post it here.  – F.C.

The black specs looked like this earlier footage from Jan. (except they were black, not white).

Saudi Arabia Has 4-7 Nuclear Bombs, Trukey Has 50 – 100 Nukes, Israel Has 100-200 Secret Nuclear Bombs, None of Them Inspected Or Monitored By International Law/Agreements – Who Owns, Controls And Can Use These Nuclear Bombs? | A Green Road Journal

5 01 2019

AGR Daily News

It seems that many countries around the world have a nuclear secret. Saudi Arabia and Turkey are not an exception to this ‘rule’ of countries secretly acquiring nuclear bombs through various methods. Turkey has at least 50 nuclear bombs (sssssssssshhhhhhhh, keep the exact number secret). Israel also has a GREAT BIG STASH of nuclear bombs, but no one is supposed to know that either, and the whistle blower who made this public was severely punished.

via Saudi Arabia Has 4-7 Nuclear Bombs, Trukey Has 50 To 100 Nukes, Israel Has 100-200 Secret Nuclear Bombs, None of Them Inspected Or Monitored By International Law/Agreements – Who Owns, Controls And Can Use These Nuclear Bombs? | A Green Road Journal

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Sick-O Sadist, Gina Haspel at CIA Suspected of Penning Boddice-Ripper Style Torture Reports at CIA

13 08 2018


The document

SEE ALSO – A Torturer at the Top: Why Gina Haspel’s CIA Appointment Will Spur Torture at All Levels

FBI – The Terror Factory + Chicago Police’s “black site”

27 02 2015

Why Does the FBI Have to Manufacture its Own Plots if Terrorism and ISIS Are Such Grave Threats?

By Glenn Greenwald

“The FBI and major media outlets yesterday trumpeted the agency’s latest counterterrorism triumph: the arrest of three Brooklyn men, ages 19 to 30, on charges of conspiring to travel to Syria to fight for ISIS (photo of joint FBI/NYPD press conference, above). As my colleague Murtaza Hussain ably documents“it appears that none of the three men was in any condition to travel or support the Islamic State, without help from the FBI informant.” One of the frightening terrorist villains told the FBI informant that, beyond having no money, he had encountered a significant problem in following through on the FBI’s plot: his mom had taken away his passport. Noting the bizarre and unhinged ranting of one of the suspects, Hussain noted on Twitter that this case “sounds like another victory for the FBI over the mentally ill.

In this regard, this latest arrest appears to be quite similar to the overwhelming majority of terrorism arrests the FBI has proudly touted over the last decade.”   . . .  (more)

Also explaining the uses of ‘terrur bogeyman’ – BBC documentary –The Power of Nighmares

The Power Of Nightmares Adam Curtis [BBC 2] < video


Boing Boing First-hand reports of torture from Homan Square, Chicago PD’s “black site”

“. . . In the wake of last week’s revelations about Homan Square, the off-the-books “black site” where Chicago PD disappear prisoners for violent, aggressive interrogation, four of the site’s victims have come forward to describe the highly racialized human rights abuses at the secret site. . . “

“. . . . Three other men, Kory Wright, Deandre Hutcherson and David Smith, have also told the Guardian they were held in 2006 inside Homan Square, where they say they were handcuffed by both wrists with their arms spread. Hutcherson says he was punched in the face while in this position, before an officer stepped on his groin “like he was putting a cigarette out”.”