Business as Usual for Nuke Shills 7 Years into the Unstoppable Fukushima Melt Downs

15 03 2018

Looking for any news on the 7th anniversary of the world’s biggest disaster since that asteroid wiped out the dinosaurs we came across this blathering nuke shill, Dr. Michael Yastrebenetsky.

He writes godawful nonsense like this –

FromThe Economics and Management of Nuclear Energy Industry: Supply Chain Reliability and Safety

Huma E-Mail Surprise – Nuke Shills are in it for the FOOD!

7 04 2017

We continue on looking at Huma’s new e-mail batch thanks to Judicial Watch.
We’re only at the beginning of SET 3 and we came across this delightful  Nuclear Security Summit (aka schmooze fest)

HERE’S THEIR CHOW – Gratis nuke murders and goons –
– – we couldn’t help doodling on the menu


What are top nuke shills up to?

22 12 2016

Earlier we reported

Many, many disturbing stories like this (12-14) –
100 tons of dead fish in Indonesia, thousands more in Brazil 12.5 million chickens and ducks culled in South Korea ends another week in paradise bear witness to the carnage around the world from Fukushima radiation.

A Green Road Daily News says
Seaborne Fukushima Radiation Plume Hitting West Coast – How the Media Reported it Dangerously Wrong

And Lamar Smith’s Staff Report Committee on Science, Space, and Technology issues this scathing report yesterday:

U.S. Department of Energy Misconduct Related to the Low Dose Radiation Research Program

  • A. Overview of the Low Dose Radiation Research Program and H.R. 5544, the Low Dose Radiation Research Act of 2014.
  • B. Allegations: Office of Science management and senior DOE employees deliberately withheld information from Congress during the legislative process and removed an agency scientist from federal service for providing complete answers to Committee staff.
  • C. Committee Investigation.

U.S. Department of Energy Misconduct Related to the Low Dose Radiation Research Program by flyingcuttlefish on Scribd


We thought we’d check in with 2 of the biggest see-no-evil monkeys in the nuke world, Jay Cullen at U Vic and Ken Buesseler at Woods Hole.

boatTripJay is gleefully tweeting away, “Nothing to see here” tweets.  He’s thrilled to discover the phrase “fake news”.

Ken is chatty with NPR (TEPCO’s friend) affiliate, Southern Oregon University radio.

The topic is current status of the US getting hit by radiation from Japan.

He starts right off with bananas. smilieBanana
Then he goes on about radon from the basement.
Here’s a new one:
Cold water from the ocean depths REPELS radiation as it rises!
It saves the west coast coast from radiation harm!
He also dispels the myth the seafood is bad. There’s no bio-accumulation in fish so no worries!
smilieBlueAnd here’s more good news from Ken –
internal ingestion of radiation is no different than a dentist’s x-ray!


Who is checking the NE Pacific for Fukushima radiation and who is not


Nuke Shills on Parade

2 06 2014

Brought to You by the Brookings Institution

We were looking up info on this nuke shill, Paul Blustein, who writes clap-trap like this – Craving Spinach After Fukushima Nuclear Scare and  this tripe –
Fukushima’s Worst-Case Scenarios
Much of what you’ve heard about the nuclear accident is wrong .

He’s with the Brookings Institution!

Let’s see what that billionaire boys’ club has to say about nukes . . .
Brookings panel: Nuclear security and Japan’s plutonium path  < 2014!

Brookings boys are shameless nuke fobbers.

Nuke Shills on Parade

6 05 2014

Dana 7 Arts Newsreel –


Let’s look at the Flood Plans for US Nuke Plants, Post-Fukushima

12 09 2018

After Fukushima the DOE and nuke shills went into hyper-drive to assure the public there was no risk from antique nuke plants scattered all across the USA. Part of the PR effort was adding this line to the home page of nuke plants listed on the NRC site: Plant-Specific Actions in Response to the Japan Nuclear Accident.

Now that a mega-hurricane is bearing down on the US southeast, loaded with nuke plants and nuke waste and old TVA nuke products let’s check that flood scenario prep plan out.

Here’s a typical one- Vogtle nuke plant in Georgia. It is 26 miles from Augusta.
Plant-Specific Actions in Response to the Japan Nuclear Accident: Vogtle Electric Generating Plant, Unit 1

On a flood prep inspection it looks like they think it’s it’s a joke. And for their ‘F’ they get a letter from the NRC.

From –

Note how the nuke-speak leaves out what the issue is to protect the violator. 
Page 4 is the only place “hurricane” gets a mention.

Page 10 of this document gets to the Vogtle flood scenario plans.

maps from Duke Energy

Nuke booster PR shill, Jay Cullen joins news outlets’ big “California radiated wine is safe” campaign

14 08 2018

Fukushima radiation made it into the mainstream news last month … sort of. We will show how a deadly menace is made to look like a fuzzy kitten by paid shills who plant the kitten stories.

Forbes gives the background on checking for Cesium 137 in wine –
Fukushima Radiation Found In Napa Valley Wines

” …one well-known way of authenticating the vintage of a certain wine without having to open it is to check how much nuclear fallout it contains. Now, the pioneer of that technique has used it to determine that radiation from the 2011 Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant meltdown and disaster in Japan made its way into wines from California’s Napa Valley.

The vintage of many wines can be verified and fakes outed by measuring their cesium 137 content with a gamma detector and then comparing the measurement against the known levels of the radioactive isotope in the atmosphere in a given year from nuclear tests and accidents like Chernobyl. After a few decades without any tests or accidents, Fukushima provided a new marker.

A team from the French National Center for Scientific Research and the University of Bordeaux including Philippe Hubert, who developed the method over 20 years ago, decided to check a series of California wines from between 2009 and 2012 for cesium 137, which was released in significant amounts from Fukushima and traveled across the Pacific on the wind.”

tra-la-la sings the New York Times

Science paper [PDF] –
Dating of wines with cesium-137: Fukushima’s imprint
Michael S. Pravikoff and Philippe Hubert,
Centre d’Études Nucléaires de Bordeaux-Gradignan

Cesium 137 is just a tracer, like a tracer bullet fired by fighter planes, to indicate the direction a radioactive plume goes etc.
It is not at all the more deadly type of isotopes that blew all over and keeps blowing all over since the multiple nuclear meltdowns in Japan on 3-11.

The French scientists were not looking for uranium, strontium or plutonium.

They were not looking for
iodine-134, iodine-131, iodine-129, cesium 134

And they certainly were not looking for MOX fuel
a mix of uranium and plutonium (so-called mixed oxide).

Nuke ass-kissing Jay Cullen tweets wine

July 8 attack on Dana Durnford

Since Dana cannot defend himself without being hustled off to jail, or getting beat up and hustled off to jail we will defend him here.

Dana Durnford Arrested For Speaking His Mind. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute AND A University Get Him Arrested

Canadian Nuke Puke in Denial Over Fukushima Radiation Harming Sea Life


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Dana Durnford’s Crime: Telling the TRUTH about Nukes

2012 – Fukushima had explosions from WITHIN the reactor vessel and/or fuel pool, launching in a Cannon type fashion, TONS of Uranium and Plutonium into the atmosphere.

2012 – USA Radioactive Iodine 131, 129 Found In 13 Cities, Levels Up To 80 Times Allowed Levels, US Milk Radiation Contaminated

2017 – Highly Radioactive Iodine 129 Wafts Over US West Coast From Japan

FUKUSHIMA 2018 by William Thomas

2014 – HORROR “Pacific Ocean Now Dead From Fukushima Radiation”

Dr. Leuren Moret – How MOX Fuel is Engineered to go Critical


UVic Gives Banana Molesting Nuclear Apologist Jay Cullen $630,000 Hush Fund –