Lower Spillway Area at Oroville Dam Sinkhole Observed by Perth – Now the Live Cam is OFF until late in the morning

25 05 2019

Perth Observer talked about this sinkhole looking area on the left side of the lower spillway on May 22.

LINK –  https://youtu.be/osY27cF9gEM

Then we notice the lower spillway “live” cam keeps coming on later and later in the morning. It is unavailable nights. 

A screen-grab taken today:




20 05 2017

Perth Observer –

LINK –  https://youtu.be/FzkDFcNMsn8

LINK –  https://youtu.be/Otv4HCek1W4


9 09 2013

special prosecutor anyone?



“This is an unprecedented event, and no one knew this could ever happen.”

That is the catch-phrase that has been mouthed by Louisiana State Office of Conservation, and Louisiana Department of Natural Resources.

Dr. Gary Hecox of Shaw, (CB&I now), first stated this, and it has made the rounds of Texas Brine’s Sonny Cranch, Patrick Couregges, all the way down to John Beaudreaux with Assumption Parish’s Dept. of Homeland Security, Office of Emergency Preparedness. Except it is a known lie.

In this short article I will attempt to show you all the evidence that puts the lies to the lips of the various speakers making this absurd claim. Although an unprecedented event, it was actually absolutely expected….

Before I do though, let’s just take the short path and I will state my conclusions now, and then allow you, the reader, to make up your own minds as to the veracity…

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Meanwhile Back at the Louisiana Sinkhole. . . There’s a Big Feud

12 10 2012

The Louisiana Dept. of Natural Resources is having a big fight with Texas Brine!

It’s better than GIANT.

All the updates are on the new page The BIG FEUD.

Concerns Over Sinkhole Dangers Ignored in Louisiana

19 09 2012

In the past two days the dramatic increase in tremors at the sinkhole and the new sinkhole expansion are causing big concerns for people in Assumption Parish. Locals don’t all believe the explanations from Texas Brine about what they are doing.

Many fear an explosion from all the new gas bubbles. Many fear worse than that as the sinkhole and gas-pipe network lie right on the New Madrid Fault. As this unease spreads authorities have announced they won’t attend a town hall meeting slated for tomorrow.

The news will be updated at our other blog, The Louisiana Sinkhole Bugle.

Our New Blog About That Louisiana Sinkhole

26 08 2012

All new info on the growing sinkhole, the leaky nuclear waste near the sinkhole or Hurrican Isaac effects on the sinkhole etc., etc. will get posted on our new blog

news about that sinkhole

1980 Sinkhole Disaster at Louisiana Salt Mine Bodes Ill for Napoleonville

19 08 2012

This is amazing –

LINK – http://youtu.be/jPivHIowltU