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Crime Against Humanity: PG&E Bosses Want Huge Bonuses!

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise! California PG&E Customers get to Pay for Fire Damages!

On Simi Valley Radiation Released by CA Fires and Horse Deaths at Santa Anita Racetrack

US Dist. Court Judge -There’s a clear-cut pattern here: that PG&E is starting these fires

PG&E could face criminal charges in Camp Fire deaths

YELLOW VESTS Emerge as Potent Force in America after Manmade California Firestorms – reblogged

How Many in U.S. are Disaster-Homeless Since Sept. 2018?

C. Austin-Fitts ties California fires to mortgage fraud

Is the US Forest Service too busy flying cocaine in its planes to fight forest fires??

It’s Not Space Weapons, It’s Not Space Weapons. . .

E-mail Reveals PG&E Planned to ZAP California Starting in 2011

Take Our Test: Is it Real -OR- Is It Memorex? (California Fires Version)

The End of California Redux – Weather as a Force Multiplier, Part 2

Does Rocketdyne get a “free pass” to kill Californians because of fat DoD contract for hyper-sonic weapons? UPDATE: PG&E Gets Free Pass to Kill Californians

California Fires – counteract the unavoidable radiation (from the contaminated Rocketdyne site) – by Leuren Moret

On the L.A. Times’ Timber Interests

Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025 – USAF, 1996

California Burning – why didn’t they ask for outside help in the beginning?

SimiValley map

Big California fire, the Woolsey fire, is engulfing the old rad-contaminated Rocketdyne facility



The fires caused electrical outages. Nuke plants tend to melt down when they go too long with power cut off. The fires aren’t near CA nuke plants, except that pesky nuke ruin full of radioactive dust and rust up at Simi Valley. For LIVE DATA ON POWER OUTAGES see website.

Mining Awareness is also covering the fires. See Nov. 2018 archives.

lots about the Simi Valley area, Rocketdyne plant ruins

Porter Ranch map

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