UFOs Over Casper, Wyoming

30 07 2019

Better  than average sighting –

LINK –  https://youtu.be/vVeKXNP2G68

Asking too many questions about pedos and elites – Voat.co is under DNS attack

27 07 2019

Hopefully they will be back to normal later …


Nuke-ProMassive Censorship Underway — As Globalists Realize Their Plot Is Exposed and Failing

The Meaning of Blue and White Stripes on the Temple at Little St. James – Mamluks and Pedos

25 07 2019

Pedo Island of Jeffrey Epstein –

Venetian embassy to the Mamluks in Damascus in 1511

This Mamluks connection was discovered by this fellow, Redpill Ken (who uses strong language but makes good points). Mamluks were big time pedophiles – 


And then we find out this stuff is supposed to be all around L.A. too . . . cre-e-e-epy! 

LINK –  https://youtu.be/EaZAz8_ZZ58

IKKK-K-K!  They’re everywhere!

Standby: Epstein just attempted suicide. Assault not ruled out.

25 07 2019

News reportshttps://voat.co/v/pizzagate/3351427

Earlier post – With Explosive Pedo Client Knowledge – We Ask Will Jeffrey Epstein Live to See a Trial?


Mystery NASA jet over Ridgecrest quake area (CA)

24 07 2019

The Big Wobble
Mystery of large NASA jetliner spotted flying very very low over Coso Volcanic Field and Ridgecrest area of recent mass quake activity

“Credit CBS Los Angeles
A large jetliner spotted flying very low over the foothills Monday belonged to NASA, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.
The large DC-8, painted white with a blue stripe and the NASA logo on the tail, was spotted flying over Altadena at the height of afternoon rush hour in the San Gabriel Valley.”

Earlier Post: California Quake Swarm Continues Unabated + China Lake Topic

Dershowitz Twisting Slowly in the Wind

23 07 2019


Also see comments on this post: How Dershowitz Uses Cernovich + Bail Hearing for Epstein Today. UPDATED: insider help from Manhattan D.A.’s office



21 07 2019

a respite from vile pedo-monsters we have reported on for too many weeks. . .

Dear Kitty. Some blog

This 20 July 2019 video from the Veluwe region in the Netherlands is about how coots live; including young coots in a nest.

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