Doctors without ethics take payoffs from CIA to experiment on unwitting patients as part of MKULTRA – UPDATED

19 08 2018

Earlier we posted about the new document trove from the CIA on MKULTRA –
The Black Vault filed a FOIA request for all docs on MKULTRA and just got them.

Looking through the first set, CD-ROM zip files #1, we find this – the fourth paper in the batch, 0000017481_0004.




PROJECT 8 at MKULTRA Cronie Hospital was a 1953

LSD experiment on unwitting “patients”!



Sick-O Sadist, Gina Haspel at CIA Suspected of Penning Boddice-Ripper Style Torture Reports at CIA

13 08 2018


The document

SEE ALSO – A Torturer at the Top: Why Gina Haspel’s CIA Appointment Will Spur Torture at All Levels

Homeland “Security” 2018 – Jet Stolen near Seattle Threatens Metropolis

11 08 2018



Hillary’s Health – Was Hillary wearing ‘Life Alert’ emergency device during NYC appearance?

24 07 2018

The American Mirror – MYSTERY:
Was Hillary wearing ‘Life Alert’ emergency device during NYC appearance?

One photo from the set shown in the article –


How Sophisticated Psychology is Utilized to Exploit Minors Playing Online Games

14 07 2018

We got a big lesson in B. F. Skinner’s reinforcement behavior playing a popular computer game, World of Tanks. This is a very popular computer game played online for a modest ‘start’ fee but it quickly kites up into a tremendous amount of real money paid to child-exploiting sharks.

Variable ratio schedule and slot machine lure: B. F. Skinner reinforcement behavior


 Once the mark fools around with the ‘game’ x-amount of hours and is invested in the platform, vocabulary, conversations and minimal ‘rewards’ the ‘play’ gets serious.
The game makers count on uncritical-thinking users to go to a pay-for-thing on sale in a retail web-page to advance to mythical next level of play after paying 10 to 100 USD. 

This is real money paid online to obtain x,y,z UNREAL item in the game universe.
The more hours invested by the mark the more likely the mark is to be compelled to spend real money on unreal goods offered.

Like a slot machine, it’s all a scam based on unpredictable “rewards”.
At least the slot machine pays out some cash. The games just give
online ‘perks’ to suckers who dole out huge amounts of cash to keep up.

Lots  of hazards await the unwary on-line adult player. We can assume children are even more helpless prey for exploiters and malicious software engineers lurking in cyberspace. Besides an online connection to play, there is a forum where users are strongly encouraged to give up a cell phone number(!) – just asking for security breaches on multiple levels as ‘partners’ always get this information too. 

Do parents of teens playing this game, World of Tanks, know anything about the chat ‘partners’ who access live data and personal information from all users? Here are a few, just associated with the chat feature in World of Tanks.

Let’s check Overwolf’s legal terms – they claim the feature is only for ages 18 and over (scroll to bottom) – .

 These games aren’t intended for teens and pre-teens are they?


We don’t mean to pick on WoT, they are just typical of the more popular on-line game companies.

Most adults wouldn’t allow a minor child to visit a gambling website (where they might occasionally receive money) but they sure are allowing them to gamble on simulation ‘games’ where no money is ever bounced back. 


Cascadian Subduction Zone fault: Vancouver Island Shaking

21 06 2018

The Big Wobble –
Vancouver Island on the move:
Episodic Tremor and Slip event feared after more than 150 tremors hit the island in the last 24 hours

” . . . every 14 months or so there is a Tremor and Slip event – a discovery made by two local scientists Gary Rogers and Herb Dragert – when Vancouver Island slips backwards a few millimetres towards Japan.
Seismic recording instruments show Victoria moving in one direction and then changing direction for about two weeks during these episodes.
These events add pressure to the locked Cascadian Subduction Zone fault.
“It involves tiny tremors that we can record.
They are not earthquakes.
People don’t feel these shaking events. . . (more)”

More than 150 tremors hit Vancouver Island in last 24 hoursSeismologists monitor to see if pressure will be added to major fault

Pacific NW Seismic Network

2010 science paper [PDF] – Triggering and Modulation of Slow Slip:Implications for Mechanics and Hazard

The Poison Papers or How the EPA Lets Toxic Products Kill You

18 06 2018



 The Poison Papers