Rethinking Cruise Ship Emergency Evacuations and the 19th Century “Solution”: Life Boats

22 04 2019

At the Flying Cuttlefish we have covered two big maritime disasters, the Costa Concordia wreck and the recent Viking Sky near-disaster.

The current large cruise ships are much larger than ships of the past yet they rely on a safety protocol that is a century old.  At the Flying Cuttlefish we cannot help but think there needs to be an entire over-haul of this safety system.

Today there are much more modern materials to utilize and new computer modeling to test out ideas with little expense.

At the turn of the century the safety-net for cruise passengers was the life boat.  Over 100 years later this idea may need a new approach.

  • Ships today are quite a bit larger
  • Recent mishaps have shown flaws in the “old” system.

Let’s look at some common denominators in recent cruise ship incidents.

The problem with these ship disasters, listed above, seems to be once the ship starts to tilt (list) the life-boat launch plan goes out the window.  The most modern, improved life-boat cannot be lowered because the angle of the ship prevents it.  The life-boat idea works great in a calm lagoon but fails in real-time situations with a vessel listing as it takes on water for x,y,z reason.  It also fails in high seas, as in the nearly disastrous Viking Sky incident.

What we are thinking is the whole cruise ship evacuation plan needs to be redone.  Forget about the damn life-boats.  They are for trawlers.
Let’s think about airline escape chutes and box cutters.

The science of plastics and rapid-inflation have improved vastly in recent decades.  Think about automobile air-bags and the material used to make a Zodiac water craft.
And think about the idea of the snap-off box cutter.  Think.  You put out a small sharp edge and to get another you ‘snap’ it off.  It is pre-cut to make the next edge.
Cannot a rapid-inflate life-raft be made to ‘snap’ off a rapid-inflatable chute in the same manner?
Cannot 100 life-rafts be peeled off like toilet paper to create many rescue crafts in a hurry NO MATTER WHAT THE LIST OF THE PARENT VESSEL?



What the Bleep Happened to Architecture?

18 04 2019





We were just thinking of this topic with the fire in Paris this week.


14 04 2019




How Israel Became A Global Terrorist Power

8 04 2019

By Trowbridge H. Ford

After World War II nearly everyone thought  the idea Jewish diaspora could establish a new home in occupied Palestine was remote, and that it was impossible that it could expand after the end of the Cold War into a serious world power. There were just too many Jews left in Europe and safe in the United States to even think of immigrating to Palestine. The communist states were safe havens for many Jews, and the British occupiers of Palestine were doing everything they could to keep the population there from growing. Somehow revolutionary-minded Jews there had to think of some way to get the United Kingdom from remaining.

There were so few Jews in Palestine that the British thought of portioning Palestine but that only persuaded them to increase their numbers. Soon as many as 2,000 Jews were going through Austria a month, and an armed struggle of bombing hotels where British officials were staying commenced.  Menachem Begin organized the Zionist forces forces from Poland before coming to Palestine in 1942, and native Yitzak Rabin’s Haganak forces proved just too hot for London to handle in Jerusalem in  1948 during the war of liberation. In countering British efforts to close the ratlines of refugees, especially those in Vienna, coming from Europe, the incipient Israeli security service, the Mossad,  placed its head of station in “London’s confidence”, Gordon Corera has written in The Art of Betrayal (p. 32-3) by using American protection to more than meet MI6 efforts.

Taking the Jewish struggle to Europe was much in evidence when the British and the French organized the Suez fiasco eight years later to meet the Arab spring, especially in Egypt under Gamal Nasser. By Britain trying to wash its hands of Palestinian problems, and withdrawing east of Suez, they created all kinds of difficulties, particularly the overthrow of the monarchs in Syria, Iraq, and Egypt, and a close call in Jordan. London and Paris used problems about maintaining the Suez Canal, and financing the Aswan Dam as excuses to oust Nasser. The French worked out a plan by which an attack would force Nasser to retreat from the Canal, and British an French forces would take over for the Israelis, but the tables were turned by Nasser getting international opinion behind him, the Soviets threatening military Involvement, and Washington refusing to support its Western Allies in their adventure.

While this was going on, Israel’s discrete cooperation with Iran finally paid off with the restoration of the Shah to full power in Iran at the expense of Mohammed Mossadeq’s government which had just nationalized the Anglo-Iranian Oil monopoly, resulting in Mossadeq assuming dictatorial powers with popular approval. Instead of contesting this, the Shah fled to Iraq and then to Rome, hoping for the Anglo-Americans to intervene. MI6 and the CIA provided the popular spark for the coup, breaking the wall of isolation between Iran and Israel. One of the principal tasks of the Mossad had been to facilitate the transfer of Iraqi Jews to Palestine, And once the Shah was made a dictator, the Mossad had a field-day in this process, as William Shawcross has written in The Shah’s Last Ride, p.72, with Iran’s secret service SAWAK.

A Step towards Nuclear Arms

With the humiliating Suez debacle, Israel recognized as an established state, it had to start working directly with France to make atomic bombs under the direction of sometime Prime Minister Davd Ben-Gurion and Minister of Defense Shimon Peres. In November 1956, the French Army agreed to give Israel all it knew about making nuclear weapons. The following May, France approved the construction of a large Israeli- nuclear reactor in the Negev Desert. Plutonium can be extracted from spent fuel rods. A decade later, Israel tested an underground device of its A-bomb design at Dimona in the Negev.  In its construction 200 pounds of enriched uranium that the Mossad had purchased from Zelman Shapiro, an Israeli sympathizer, in Ohio seems to have come in handy, Thomas Reed reported in The Nuclear Express, p. 88.

Armed with atomic weapons, Israel mounted a pre-emptive attack on Syria and Egypt, its nearest neighbors to let the Muslim world that it meant business.The biggest problem with the Six Days War was that Israel had not informed the LBJ government in Washington what was afoot, so when the USS Liberty, an NSA surveillance ship, showed up off the Sinai while the Israeli Defense Force was massacring 1,800 Egyptian POWs, Chief of Staff Rabin took it as a hostile act, and tried to have it sunk.  The attack certainly didn’t look good for the Mossad.

In retrospect, the Israelis realized that they had to be more focused in their killings. Pre-emptive attacks upon enemies and massacres of their soldiers would not work just because one could back them up with nuclear bombs . . .  as if used they would kill their own forces too. The realization of this was some what muted by the Black September attack on the Israeli athletes at the 1972 Summer Games in Munich. In response to those killings, Prime Minister Golda Meir ordered the Mossad to kill everyone, even wives and children, of those connected to Black September to be assassinated by its agents.  The lesson caused Israel to be off guard when Egypt attacked Sinai from across the Suez, and Syria attacked the Golan Heights during the 1973 Yom Kippur War.

To achieve more effective nuclear weapons, Moshe Dayan visited South Africa, and Peres then established diplomatic relations with John Vorster’s isolated apartheid regime. As Thomas Reed reported, Israel had hijacked several hundred tons of uranium ore which was purchased by a Mossad front, and then ended up in Israel after it had been transferred from a renamed Turkish freighter into an Israeli one. Then a nuclear test on the Kalahari Desert was only cancelled because of US spying by the NSA of its preparation, and South Africa was producing high grade U-235.
Cooperation between the two countries got so bad it was totally denied years later after the apartheid regime had fallen.

The End of the Pahlavies.

The Shah got so carried way by the Mossad and CIA approach to assassinating dissidents that he started trying to do it in the States. In all this, Nixon  appointed Richard Helms American Ambassador to Tehran after he had fired him as Director of Central Intelligence. The Shah was becoming more authoritarian and too Western secular, out of touch with the Iranian people by too rapidly modernizing the country. He was soon ousted. The only compensation for his loss was the Egyptians and Israelis finally making efforts to achieve peace. To strengthen its nuclear position, the Israelis and South Africans tested a nuclear device in the South Atlantic near its Prince Edward and Marion Islands. In June, 1981, the Israeli Air Force destroyed the nuclear reactor that Saddam Hussein was building in Osirak, Iraq.

In this political context, Israel became willing to become a junior partner in the NATO alliance to get rid of the Soviet bloc and the USSR. Its first target was getting rid of Swedish statsminister, Olof Palme whose policies in the international arena and domestic economic ones at home were no longer acceptable. He seemed like a Soviet stooge in the Baltic, and supporting economically most secretly the ANC in South Africa. In 1982, when Palme returned to power, the previous government had scheduled a naval exercise in the Archipelago east of Stockholm, code name NOTVARP, to test the Swedish Navy’s ability to meet alleged Soviet intrusions. The Swedes took their assignment most seriously, sinking, it seems, up to three US Navy subs: the USS Batfish, the USS Puffer, and  a submersible. To keep the facts still secret now, the Pentagon recently claimed that the Navy was looking for the missing subs, the USS Scorpion and the USS Thresher when it discovered the remains of the Titanic. Those subs had been found shortly after their disappearance, and the Yanks were just lying again through their teeth.

To compound hated Palme’s problems after he had been re-elected in 1985, he stopped a shipment of 80 Israeli HAWK missiles through Sweden as part of the Iran-Contra plot. Israel was happy to help in the plot since it would get newer missiles to replace those sent to Iran, and Sweden was expected to sign user certificates for their use so the Pentagon deal would go through. But Palme refused to do so when the Ei-Al plane with them aboard was approaching Sweden. Even ace-fixer, Oliver North went to Stockholm to get the statsminister to change his mind, but he refused to do so. As a result, he was set up for assassination at Soviet expense to trigger a non-nuclear conclusion of the Cold War.

Here Israel coughed up Josef Fritzl , aka the ‘Mad Austrian’ as the assassin. Fritzl is now a famous practitioner of incest for imprisoning his daughter Elizabeth in their basement to endure his sexual abuse, and mothering many of his children. Back then, he was known for wild womanizing which apparently resulted in the murder of a young woman, making him an ideal set up for blackmail.  With Elizabeth heavily pregnant with another of Josef’s children, the white supremacist had to find sex elsewhere, and chose Sweden where prostitution was legal. The ‘Mad Austrian’ was overheard making threats against Palme a few days before the assassination, was allegedly seen outside the cinema that the Palmes were attending before the killing, and their son Martem was persuaded that he was the killer. “In the morning,” Jan Bondeson has written in Blood On The Snow, “the Austrian was finally located, he had spent the night with a prostitute…” (p.61).  A police patrol confirmed that he was nowhere near the shooting when it occurred. Little wonder that Bondeson later repeated the unfounded claim that the Mossad, the CIA, and the Kurdish separatists were behind the assassination.

The Cold War Never Stopped

With the peaceful collapse of the USSR, and the Oslo agreement between the Yasser Arafat and the Israeli Rabin and Peres seemed to put history on a more stable footing, a new Cold War with Putin appeared, and a round of assassinations deeply involving the Mossad proved otherwise. The 9/11 cock-ups and the war on terrorism got Mossad director Meir Dagan deeply involved. The killings that come to mind are those of right-wing Austrian politician Jorg Haider, German politician Jurgen Mollemann, Royal Cadet in Britain Steve Hilder, Serbia politician Zoran Djindjic, English weapons inspector Dr. David Kelly, Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn, Israeli politician Rabin, Russian exile Sasha Litvinenko, Swedish Foreign Minister Anna Lindh, and PLO leader Arafat. Israel hoped to exploit these eliminations by the adoption of its Mediterranean Dialogue by its Islamic neighbors and the exploitation of its unofficial position on NATO’s Governing Council.

The most interesting attempted assassination was that of New Zealand Prime Minister, Helen Clark in 2004 to expand Israeli influence beyond NATO’s scope. Clark was well aware of what had happened to Swedish Social Democrats Olof Palme and Anna Lindh, and she didn’t take lightly the attempt by Mossad agents Uriel Kalman and E li Cara to steal the passport  of a New Zealand paraplegic so that Mossad hitman Zev Barkan could escape without being noticed. The fraud was discovered shortly after it started, and Barkan disappeared before he could be caught. Barkan was planning to kill some official, apparently the Prime Minister. New Zealand suspended diplomatic relations with Israel, and cancelled the state visit of Israeli President Moshe Katsav.  Mossad agents had tried to kill the leader of Hamas earlier in Jordan using stolen passports. The controversy lasted for a couple of years, and was only resolved when Israeli Foreign Minister Ariel Sharon apologized,and said it would never happen again. Ignorant people could not understand why Clark was so concerned by the attempt.

I was also a victim of assassination attempts. In Portugal, Jose Flour, the owner of Supatra restaurant in Caldas da Rainha, tried to kill me by putting some poison in my sweet and sour fish dish. The effort continued after I moved to Sweden by rabid anti-Semite Ivan Romanov aka Ivan von Birchan. It was expressed so often and gratuitously that I suspected he worked for the Israelis. He tried to get me to drink apparently a poisoned libation when he said he arranging for all my articles to be published by some unnamed power, apparently China, which never happened. Bondeson dismissed von Birchan’s claims about CIA involvement as those of “a swindler and habitual liar…” (p. 76). von Birchan was a friend of CIA agent Oswald LeWinter, and I know from personal experience that he knew a lot about what was happening. He still tried to kill me when I moved from Sweden and others with me back to the USA. Ultimately, I think they concluded that I would be more trouble dead than alive.

I think that this influenced their other operations, getting white supremacists or Arab scapegoats to kill Muslims or appear to do so. This explains Anders Breivik and French counter terrorists setting up Mohammad Marah as the killer of those whites around Toulouse.  In multi-cultured Europe, the whites were becoming a victimized minority, and they should do something dramatic to stop the rot. The financing was to sell Nazi treasure and relics to neo-Nazis, like the entrance sign to the Auschwitz extermination camp in Austria, and to kill as many white supporters as possible as happened in Oslo and on the social democrat island up north in Norway. The process didn’t need any kind of organization; just create as much chaos as possible, and publicize what was going to happen.

The New Approach to Making Terrorism

Upon reflection, the Mossad decided that much had to be changed in this approach. It needed a manager to handle it. And can you believe that the job was apparently given to Josef Fritzl in Austria. After he had finally been caught, and sent to mental hospitals for treatment he was released in 2017. He was the right guy for dealing with right-wing losers like Australia’s Brenton Tarrant and Austria’s Identity Party leader Martin Sellner. And Fritzl was given plenty of funds to keep them going wherever they were needed, like in New Zealand which had plenty of white folks, and very few Muslim immigrants. The general population could be expected to side with the whites, and blame the Muslims for being there. Prime Minister, Jacinda Adhern reacted to the massacre to a tee by making gun control on the islands stricter by acting as if it had killed the 60 visitors. It was a much more sensible approach to the problem than trying to assassinate Helen Clark.

Looks more and more that Netanyahu is going to win the parliamentary election with the Golan Heights declared part of Israel, Jerusalem its capital, and the Palestinians still cooped up on the West Bank and in Gaza.  In fact, Israel will annex the territory where the illegal Israeli settlements were built on the West Bank. It looks like Israel, like a great power, can pretty much do whatever it wants.


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Robert Kennedy, Jr. explains press censorship on vaccine dangers

6 04 2019

at 10:15 min. mark –



From the description:

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. was a panelist at the “Science of Vaccine Forum” in Connecticut in response to proposed vaccine mandate legislation in the state. Mr. Kennedy was the only one of the five-member panel to show up as the three Yale professors and one pediatrician scheduled to appear cancelled at approximately 11:00 p.m. last night. Their absence is very telling of the actual strength and veracity of the “vaccines are safe and effective” mantra. Were they afraid of vaccine facts? If vaccines are so safe and effective, why didn’t they want to defend them? Watch RFK, Jr.’s presentation to the media, vaccine safety advocates and some of the Connecticut legislators in attendance.

West Shakes – 3.5M Quake in CA follows 6.5M Alaska Quake

3 04 2019

The Watchers
Shallow M6.5 earthquake, strong aftershocks hit Rat Islands, Aleutian Islands, Alaska

L.A. Times
Earthquake, magnitude 3.5, wakes up Orange County with light shaking
– has MAP

Jon Rappoport on CDC fraud and vaccine-autism link and Ebola blamed for failed drug experiments’ effects

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