A Torturer at the Top: Why Gina Haspel’s CIA Appointment Will Spur Torture at All Levels

18 03 2018

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Trump’s decision to nominate Gina Haspel — a US intelligence officer whose direct involvement in torture has been copiously documented in the Senate torture report and beyond — to head the CIA has provoked expressions of horror and outrage among human rights workers worldwide.

Truthout asked Gerald Staberock, the secretary general of the Geneva-based World Organisation Against Torture (most commonly known by its French acronym OMCT), one of the world’s foremost organizations tracking torture and opposing its use, to share his analysis of this week’s announcement.

You said in an official OMCT statement: “The appointment of a person against whom there is serious evidence having responsibility over serious international crimes, including torture and enforced disappearance, is truly shocking.” Nobody from the United States has been disturbed in the least way for being involved in — much less carrying out — torture. In view of that, isn’t Gina Haspel better described…

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New CIA boss, Gina Haspel, up to her eyeballs in TORTURE

17 03 2018

The Daily Mail [UK] –

She looks like a favourite aunt. But is ‘Bloody Gina’, the woman who could be the next CIA boss, up to her eyeballs in TORTURE?

“. . . As ‘chief of base’ of a secret ‘black site’ CIA prison in Thailand, she oversaw a brutal regime in which suspected terrorists were subjected to ‘enhanced interrogation’ techniques, including being waterboarded, hurled against walls and squeezed for hours into coffin-like boxes.

It is claimed she even went to a prisoner’s cell to goad him after he had been tortured, and there is speculation that she once joined in an interrogation.

But while she had the power to stop the interrogation of suspects as they vomited, urinated on themselves in their shackles, or lost consciousness, official records show that she never did.

Those records also show that she was instrumental in the destruction of video tapes that documented the use of techniques now almost universally regarded as torture.

The CIA agent in question is Gina Haspel and, to widespread horror, she may soon be the West’s most powerful spy. . . . . ” (more)


” . . .  John Kiriakou [another CIA man who] . . . worked with Haspel in counter-terrorism before blowing the whistle on the waterboarding scandal — said she was ‘always very quick and very willing to use force’.

He described her as one of a group of officers in the agency’s counter-terrorism centre who used torture ‘because they enjoyed doing it’.

He went on: ‘Everybody knew that torture didn’t work…they tortured just for the sake of torture, not for the sake of gathering information. She didn’t have any moral qualms about what she did.’ . . . “

9-11 Anthrax Attacks – Project Artichoke Related?

14 02 2018

LINK – https://youtu.be/-gvDih2moIs

April, 2001 (pre 9-11 NY Times) – C.I.A.; What Did the C.I.A. Do to His Father?

JFK’s Warning on Secret Societies

31 12 2017

He warned in a speech to the press examined here by Michael Trimm –

LINK –  https://youtu.be/zW1X7TjW_b8

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A zip of the JFK murder with Pepsi cola

Ethiopian Teodrose Fikre Warns America “grievance is being incited in order to have us gashing at each other’s throats.”

18 08 2017

Via Sane Progressive – 

Imperative Detente: A Paramount Appeal for Humanity and Inclusive Justice

Teodrose Fikre, August 16, 2017

My grandparent’s generation in Ethiopia had a holocaust committed against them by Mussolini’s fascist military. Mustard gas was deployed against civilians and resistance fighters alike as men, women and children were bombed indiscriminately. The horrors of seeing children melt before their eyes as chemical weapons burn through skin to the bone became a normal facet of life. Ethiopians were terrorized by a colonial power intent on avenging their humiliating defeat a generation earlier at the Battle of Adwa.

My family members were victims of hell’s fires that were unleashed by the Italian air force and army. No place in the country was safe; from Addis Abeba to the rural areas, anything that moved became a target as over 200,000 Ethiopians were brutally exterminated. . . .

. . . . it is morally wrong to blame the masses for the sins of a few. I can’t blame all Italians for the atrocities Mussolini committed nor can I blame all British people for the duplicity and mendacity of Queen Victoria and the British monarchy. Nor do I care two bits about the statues and gold that was stolen from Ethiopia by European archaeologists and professional thieves. What good is accomplished fighting over statues of the past and idols that enshrined the elites when Ethiopians are suffering in homelessness and hopelessness as they continue being victimized by globalists who rob the wealth of nations to feed the greed of a fraction? Why elevate idols above people? Why re-litigate history and rip open old scars when togetherness and being kind to one another can mend most wounds? I hope you can read between the lines and see how this applies to the current developments going on right here in America and throughout the world.

Tribalism is destroying my birth land Ethiopia as the current Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn and his TPLF henchmen, working at the behest of globalist corporate plutocrats, are eradicating a nation that survived intact for 3,000 years. Where colonialists could not subjugate us by force in Adwa and during WWII, tribalism and neo-apartheid have been unleashed to fracture and destroy the nation from within (read Chasing Assimilated Acceptance and Killing Cultures). My fellow Americans, with candor and full certitude I say this, they are doing to us here what has been done to others for centuries. Tribes are being created daily in order to fracture our nation and grievance is being incited in order to have us gashing at each other’s throats.

. . . . (more)


LINK –  https://youtu.be/sVlk-0VmNVg




Torture Shrinks Face Lawsuit (but no prison time for torture campaign)

9 08 2017


LINK –  https://youtu.be/3KRz8APQDe0

James Mitchell and John ‘Bruce’ Jessen, architects of CIA program, sued for torture

In Florida – Call them the houses that torture built: Two sprawling luxury homes purchased by the CIA-contracted psychologists at the center of the scathing Senate report.

“They did so by employing what is widely dismissed as “voodoo science” based on misapplied principles in a program that CIA records suggest produced little, if any, intelligence of significant value.

And they might have gotten even richer. The Senate Intelligence Committee report says they secured a contract with the CIA in 2006 valued “in excess of $180 million.””


Doctors Without Ethics

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