Ebola outbreaks all occurred in close proximity to US bio-weapons labs in Africa

16 02 2020

The Geopolitical Deployment of Biological Weapons – Part II

“It should be apparent that the launching of bio-warfare, as with conventional warfare, is considerably eased by locating military bases, offensive weapons and delivery systems as physically close as possible to one’s potential enemies. This is one reason the US has established its nearly 1,000 foreign military bases – to ensure the capability of putting an enemy under attack within 30 minutes anywhere in the world. Clearly, the same strategy applies to biological warfare, the US military having created scores of these labs euphemistically defined as “health-security infrastructure” in foreign countries.

It is frightening to learn that many of these foreign bio-installations are classified as so “Top-Secret” they are outside the knowledge and control of even the local governments in the nations where they are built. It is also frightening to learn that the Ebola outbreaks all occurred in close proximity to several of these well-known (and top-secret) US bio-weapons labs in Africa.” . . . (more)

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Wall Street Killed Pop Culture – A Requiem by Doomcock

17 11 2019

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How the US eradication of the prairie dog exemplifies mankind’s non-relationship with Nature

6 05 2019

from Deep Green Resistance

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5 05 2019

46 years ago . . .

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Elliot Abrams Miffed He’s Called Out for Genocide

15 02 2019

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The uncut C-Span exchange.

Mafia Dumps Radioactive Waste on American Roads

10 02 2019

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US Dist. Court Judge -There’s a clear-cut pattern here: that PG&E is starting these fires

30 01 2019

Zero Hedge – Federal Judge Blasts “Criminal” PG&E’s “Clear-Cut Pattern Of Starting Fires”

Following a series of massive fires along its 125,000 miles of power lines over the last two years, Bloomberg reports that U.S. District Court Judge William Alsup – who is overseeing PG&E’s probation for safety violations that led to felony convictions for the 2010 explosion of one of its gas pipelines, which killed eight people – didn’t back down from his criticism of the utility despite being told he had overreached.

“Usually a criminal on probation is forthcoming and admits what they need to admit. You haven’t admitted much,” Alsup told lawyers for the company at a hearing Wednesday in federal court in San Francisco.

There’s a clear-cut pattern here: that PG&E is starting these fires.”” . . . . (more)