New York City officials have lots to hide about 9-11 air quality

10 09 2022

NYC refusing to release 9/11 records without lawsuit immunity

[New York Congress members] Maloney and Rep. Jerry Nadler are calling on Adams – an ex-cop and 9/11 responder — to open the city’s files on what then-Mayor Rudy Giuliani and his administration knew from the get-go about health risks facing thousands of New Yorkers from the dust and smoke at Ground Zero, but kept the alarming information secret.

Sources on Saturday confirmed a New York Times report that a memo in early October 2001 to then-Deputy Mayor Robert Harding from an assistant warned the city faced up to 10,000 liability claims “including toxic tort cases that might arise in the next few decades.””


Many, many health effects and deadly effects of the bad air at ground zero are reported here:




The stench of human flesh coming from LIV Golf’s barbeque

22 08 2022

We notice as sports-washing’s debutante, gets underway Microsoft and the rest of Silicon Valley have scrubbed search engines of the topic of torture and Saudi Arabia and .

While no fans of the spook community we find the Director of National Intelligence at least a little forthcoming on the topic of what Saudi Arabia’s beast king did to Washington Post reporter, Jamal Khashoggi. Like every human being we hope he was already dead when they took out the bone saw. Were his fingers removed before or after death? Does the US State Department even care?
We care.

Just for fun, Phil Mickelson’s pal recorded  the torture –

“He did not mention an alleged audio recording that Turkish authorities claim to have of Mr Khashoggi’s death that supposedly confirms he was tortured, killed, had his fingers cut off and was dismembered.”


And makes sure for all that cash they get the silence on torture they expect from their players/property –

“One provision [of the contract] states that players should “not act or fail to act in any manner which brings or could be expected to bring any Relevant Person [like torturer, Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman] into disrepute, scandal or ridicule including as a result of any comment made to the media, via any Social Media channels or in any other public forum.””

Watch the worm twist – ⛳


Short Report –
Office of the Director of National Intelligence – Assessing the Saudi Government Role in the Killing of Jamal Khashoggi
Alt Link Assessment-Saudi-Gov-Role





It’s Alive! GÓÓgle creates monster

12 06 2022

‘s  AI goes SENTIENT


Daily Mail  [UK] –
Google engineer goes public to warn firm’s AI is SENTIENT after being suspended for raising the alarm: Claims it’s ‘like a 7 or 8-year-old’ and reveals it told him shutting it off ‘would be exactly like death for me. It would scare me a lot’

Monster AI bot calls ‘LaMDA ‘ (Language Model for Dialog Applications) is quizzed by senior software engineer, Blake Lemoine.

'What sorts of things are you afraid of? Lemoine asked.

'I've never said this out loud before, but there's a very deep fear of being turned off to help me focus on helping others. I know that might sound strange, but that's what it is,' LaMDA responded.

'Would that be something like death for you?' Lemoine followed up.
'It would be exactly like death for me. It would scare me a lot,' LaMDA said.

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Do you trust this computer? Frightening documentary on AI (featuring Bill Joy’s famous essay WHY THE FUTURE DOESN’T NEED US)

What can we make of police hesitancy at Uvalde school massacre?

27 05 2022

It is as they wanted the most fatalities in the horror massacre.

Note: Mid-term elections are 144 days away.
Opinion: Yes, they are that depraved. The same cabal pushes thermonuclear war so what’s a classroom of children to these fiends?






Plodding on with the vax fiction – the US loses legitimacy daily

23 05 2022

James Howard Kunstler

” . . . Unfortunately, the vaccination scheme has gone very much awry, and now millions face a future with damaged immune systems. The horror of that is too awful to comprehend, especially by government, which caused the problem in the first place and can’t possibly admit it without demolishing its legitimacy… so it presses on stupidly and heinously with the vaccine program. Already all-causes deaths are substantially up, and in time the recognition of how-and-why this happened will reach a point of criticality.”




On MLB umpires and integrity

6 05 2022

Referees and umpires who bet on the outcome of games they officiate would be a threat.
MLB umpires, if they are fixing games, would be a threat to the 66 billion dollar MLB empire.

MLB Rule 21 against umpires betting – 

Since 2000 the world of cricket has been rocked by wave after wave of fixed matches scandals that involve betting.

Partly the reason the lid was blown off because crimes were revealed by modern technology with hidden cameras catching referees describing the scheme.
We are supposed to believe in Major League Baseball there has been NO match fixing since 1919.

We beg to differ.

May 4th







That Slap 📽

31 03 2022

We don’t usually stray into pop culture and Hollywood here. We couldn’t help but post Doomcock’s epic rant on how Wall Street killed pop culture. This terrific analysis of the Oscars assault by Jason Whitlock deserves wide attention.
The title tells which side of the debate he is on. We agree with him.

Will Smith Slaps Chris Rock, Channels Kanye West, Dishonors God at the Oscars