Caught on Film: West Coast Missile – to kill POTUS?

13 06 2018

Skunk Bay Weather Blog –

Missile Launch On Whidbey Island?

“I have been sitting on this since yesterday morning…. My night camera picked up what clearly looks like a very large missile launch from Whidbey Island. I really wanted more information before I shared this with the public. KOMO, KING and KIRO all contacted Whidbey NAS and the Department of Defense. They all said it didn’t come from them…. They said they don’t have the facility to launch large missiles. I ran this image by Robert Lunsford of the American Meteor Society and he said it was definitely not a meteor. It looked like a missile launch to him as well. I shared this with Cliff Mass yesterday and he did a blog on it this morning. It will be interesting if anybody from Whidbey heard or saw this event.” . . . [PHOTOS]

June 11 was the missile photo / President Trump on June 11 was  on his way to meet Kim –

June 12 PHOTO –

June 11 tweet –

June 12 was the famous Q post “Missile Missle Fox Three Splash” –

Q anon 6/12/18 “Missile Missle Fox Three Splash”


June 12 Sputnik headline (with photo) – Pentagon Denies Knowledge of Mysterious Flying Object on US West Coast

Missile Fired to Kill Trump? Deep State War Qanon June 12



US Doomsday Plane Takes Off Amid Tensions in Syria

11 04 2018

Sputnik – Is It Today? US Doomsday Plane Takes Off Amid Tensions in Syria

Has map etc. –

The Boeing E-4B is one of ten National Emergency Airborne Command Posts (NEACP) that would be used in case something were to happen to the main command posts on the ground to coordinate US military efforts. There are currently 6 functional E-4Bs that are ready around the clock to receive the command to lift off. During wartime only the president, the secretary of defense and members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff can go aboard the aircraft.”

MORE NEWS ON SYRIA CONFRONTATION (plus more in comments)






Viral Essay: Being Julian Assange

18 03 2018

March 8th Suzie Dawson‘s truth bomb about the deep state’s relentless war against WikiLeaks and NSA whistle-blowers hit the web and went viral. The propaganda campaign against Julian Assange is brilliantly summarized and the state’s fear of free communication is exposed.


On how the media covered the 2016 US presidential election – “This industrialised historical revisionism requires the excoriating of the public reputation of the virtuous, the sanitising of the compromised, and the constant manipulation of the living memory of both.

These are the core tenets of manufacturing consent. They aren’t just lying to us; they are already preparing the lies they will tell our unborn great-grandchildren.

It is some of those layers of contrived, mainstream bullshit that this article intends to peel back.”

And peel back it does fabulously.


The death of oceans and reality-optional culture, techno-narcissism’s phony solutions and more – James Howard Kunstler

4 09 2017



Hurricane Harvey and Weather Modification – Let’s Go There!

26 08 2017

We are looking at Hurricane Harvey on our other blog, The Louisiana Sinkhole Bugle.

Let’s recall the huge weather modification stations dotting the Gulf coast – including the big “rain-maker” in Mississippi run by NASA.


CLIMATE VIEWER <- when you load the map with the items you want, info shows up when you click on the icon.



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Off-scale HAARP events (weather) and the effect on nuclear plants

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The Ongoing Nuclear War Against the US: The Rain Factory Making Our Weather

Feb. 22, 2017
Found! The Man-Made Source of California “River of Rain”!


Atmospheric HAARP River Switches to “OFF” Over Oroville

On Weather Modification, Hurricane Matthew and the Fall 2016 Louisiana Flooding

The Jet Stream is Nuts

10 08 2017



The Washington Post pooh-pooh’s Beckwith’s claims . . . but they seem not to notice the iceberg the size of Norfolk broke off Antarctica’s Larsen C Ice Shelf and southern Europe is on fire.



Looming Uninhabiable Earth – Paul Beckwith

19 07 2017

Part 1 in a series:


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This is in response to the article in New York magazine –