No Houston evacuation “because it takes too long” – FEMA … exposes US Civil Defense for Nuke War is a complete SHAM.

28 08 2017

FEMA adminstrator, Brock Long on KHOU live news broadcast at 6:30 a.m. (CDT) said people were told to shelter in place in Houston and no evacuation order given because the weather forecast didn’t indicate where, over a large area, the water was going to flow. “Pinpointing what watershed that rain is going to go into is dang near impossible . . . “, he said. They didn’t know until it was actually happening. He said to evacuate a city of over 2 million would take days.

[ at  1 hour 40 min. into this LIVE STREAM]

If Houston takes days to evacuate how long for bigger cities like New York and Los Angeles?

The evacuation of population scheme is the basis of US nuclear war strategy.




Hurricane Harvey and Weather Modification – Let’s Go There!

26 08 2017

We are looking at Hurricane Harvey on our other blog, The Louisiana Sinkhole Bugle.

Let’s recall the huge weather modification stations dotting the Gulf coast – including the big “rain-maker” in Mississippi run by NASA.


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Atmospheric HAARP River Switches to “OFF” Over Oroville

On Weather Modification, Hurricane Matthew and the Fall 2016 Louisiana Flooding

High Risk of Collapse Risk at Oroville Dam

22 08 2017

Zero Hedge Scott Cahill: Collapse Risk At The Oroville Dam Is Still Unacceptably High

” . . .  In this week’s podcast, Scott details a number of concerning structural risks visible at Oroville that are again being de-prioritized, or ignored all-together. And as before, straightforward and inexpensive projects that have high potential to prevent a catastrophic failure of the dam are not being pursued. . . “

” . . . There are additional issues involving the unwanted moving of water through the dam — the so-called “green spots”. These are areas where water is migrating through the dam, probably through the indigenous soils adjacent to it. I’ve walked on these [at Oroville] and you can stick your foot down, and like your backyard after a torrential rain, water actually comes up into the footprint after you remove your foot. This is not a good situation. I believe there is a lot of movement of water through that dam, including at the structure itself that houses the gates that control the flow down the principal spillway.”



Is the US having a secret war with China (and losing)? On the latest destroyer destroyed – USS McCain

21 08 2017

All the news, updated is HERE

And the geopolitical info on where it happened, at the Strait Of Malacca (with maps).

We ask – is China using an EMP weapon on the US Navy in the South China Sea?

Did the USS Fitzgerald and the USS John McCain go ‘dead in the water’ at the time of the “collision”?

sunflower and khibini are electronic weapons systems that neutralize the US every time – nothing like stopping them dead in the water”

See Khibiny: Terror of the destroyers


Russia Claims Its Sunflower Radar is Capable of Detecting F-35 Jets

“Russia’s armed forces are increasing the number of over-the-horizon radar, which systematically set on sea borders of the country. In 2017, the “Sunflower” radar will be deployed in the Arctic. No less important will be the launch in the same year a few more “Sunflowers” in the southern and western borders.This was announced in an interview to “Interfax” the head of the group RTI Sergey Boev.”

On the USS Fitzgerald maybe getting hit by EMP or similar secret weapon –

Dr. Leuren Moret on the 21st Century Silk Road

Maybe Russia is giving China a hand in the South China Sea.


NASA Television-Online Coverage for Today’s Solar Eclipse

21 08 2017

Mining Awareness +

Aug. 11, 2017
NASA Announces Television Coverage for Aug. 21 Solar Eclipse
On Monday, Aug. 21, all of North America will be treated to an eclipse of the Sun, and NASA Television will carry it live from coast to coast from unique vantage points on the ground and from aircraft and spacecraft, including the International Space Station. Coverage will be featured during the live four-hour broadcast Eclipse Across America: Through the Eyes of NASA.

Programming begins at noon EDT with a preview show hosted from Charleston, South Carolina. The main show begins at 1 p.m. and will cover the path of totality the eclipse will take across the United States, from Oregon to South Carolina. The program will feature views from NASA research aircraft, high-altitude balloons, satellites and specially-modified telescopes. It also will include live reports from Charleston, as well as from Salem, Oregon; Idaho Falls…

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Directed Energy Weapons Used in 2016 Alberta Wildfires?

18 08 2017


Interesting comment today – “both the alberta fires and gatlinburg fires had one similarity…  the homes had ‘smart meters’ the fires in gatlinburg were mostly surrounding homes…. the smart meters had only been installed within the last 2 to 3  years….” (more)

Earlier posts on the fires

Ethiopian Teodrose Fikre Warns America “grievance is being incited in order to have us gashing at each other’s throats.”

18 08 2017

Via Sane Progressive – 

Imperative Detente: A Paramount Appeal for Humanity and Inclusive Justice

Teodrose Fikre, August 16, 2017

My grandparent’s generation in Ethiopia had a holocaust committed against them by Mussolini’s fascist military. Mustard gas was deployed against civilians and resistance fighters alike as men, women and children were bombed indiscriminately. The horrors of seeing children melt before their eyes as chemical weapons burn through skin to the bone became a normal facet of life. Ethiopians were terrorized by a colonial power intent on avenging their humiliating defeat a generation earlier at the Battle of Adwa.

My family members were victims of hell’s fires that were unleashed by the Italian air force and army. No place in the country was safe; from Addis Abeba to the rural areas, anything that moved became a target as over 200,000 Ethiopians were brutally exterminated. . . .

. . . . it is morally wrong to blame the masses for the sins of a few. I can’t blame all Italians for the atrocities Mussolini committed nor can I blame all British people for the duplicity and mendacity of Queen Victoria and the British monarchy. Nor do I care two bits about the statues and gold that was stolen from Ethiopia by European archaeologists and professional thieves. What good is accomplished fighting over statues of the past and idols that enshrined the elites when Ethiopians are suffering in homelessness and hopelessness as they continue being victimized by globalists who rob the wealth of nations to feed the greed of a fraction? Why elevate idols above people? Why re-litigate history and rip open old scars when togetherness and being kind to one another can mend most wounds? I hope you can read between the lines and see how this applies to the current developments going on right here in America and throughout the world.

Tribalism is destroying my birth land Ethiopia as the current Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn and his TPLF henchmen, working at the behest of globalist corporate plutocrats, are eradicating a nation that survived intact for 3,000 years. Where colonialists could not subjugate us by force in Adwa and during WWII, tribalism and neo-apartheid have been unleashed to fracture and destroy the nation from within (read Chasing Assimilated Acceptance and Killing Cultures). My fellow Americans, with candor and full certitude I say this, they are doing to us here what has been done to others for centuries. Tribes are being created daily in order to fracture our nation and grievance is being incited in order to have us gashing at each other’s throats.

. . . . (more)