Auld Lang Syne

31 12 2017

JFK’s Warning on Secret Societies

31 12 2017

He warned in a speech to the press examined here by Michael Trimm –


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A zip of the JFK murder with Pepsi cola

Dr Norman Finkelstein Kidnapped, Terrorized by Nassau County Police

31 12 2017



Dr. Finkelstein writes about the crimes on Zionists in Israel and the phoney reparations scam.

Top seven natural cures for cancer that got buried by the FDA, AMA, CDC. 

31 12 2017

G00gle censors Natural News … now you know WHY!

Someone Somewhere

Top seven natural cures for cancer that got buried by the FDA, AMA, CDC –

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Huge amounts of magma churning 124 miles below New England

26 12 2017

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The Louisiana Sinkhole Bugle

Sputnik – ‘Something is Rising Up’: Massive Blob of Magma Growing Under New England

In what sounds like the setup to a shlocky B-movie, a blob of molten rock has been discovered welling up underneath Vermont, growing ever larger in the subterranean catacombs beneath New England.

The anomaly was discovered by Earthscope, a National Science Foundation (NSF) project to monitor the geology of North America to better understand the processes behind earthquakes and volcanoes.

Geologists and seismologists were baffled when Earthscope told them that huge amounts of magma were churning 124 miles beneath the surface of New England. While such phenomena are common enough along tectonic plates, Lovecraft Country isn’t exactly known for its volcanoes. . . . (more)

This isn’t directly related to our sinkhole topic but it touches on things we have discussed often in comments over the years. FC

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Fukushima Reporter, Dana Durnford also censored by You Tube Downloader apps

24 12 2017

What the h*ll?

Besides being censored across the internet by nuke-puke tools, You Tube, Googe etc. – it seems the masters of the web want you to UNABLE to download his brilliant videos.

Dana Durnford analyses the effects of Fukushima radiation on the Pacific coast of North America with an expert’s eye as he was a lifelong mariner and diver.

This cruddy app, You Tube Downloader, built as an add in for Chrome browser freezes up on his vids.

VISIT his channel

London Grenfell Tower survivors deceived by government

24 12 2017

Trying to keep up …. still have internet problems here ….FC

Dear Kitty. Some blog

This video about London, England says about itself:

Dozens of Grenfell survivors are to spend Christmas in hotels

7 December 2017

“There’s no excuse for it” says Zita Holbourne as figures reveal dozens of Grenfell survivors are to spend Christmas in hotels

From the Irish Times today:

Grenfell survivors ‘deceived’ by rehousing promises, charity head says

Mark Simms of Rugby Portobello Trust says authorities’ lack of honesty on timescale is ‘more insulting than a lack of housing

Survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire were “deceived” by promises to swiftly rehouse them, a charity boss has said.

Approximately 100 households will still be living in hotels on Christmas Day, six months after the tragedy in west London.

The prime minister, Theresa May, initially said she hoped to rehouse everyone within three weeks of the fire, while the communities secretary, Sajid Javid, later told MPs the local council

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