Ray McGovern Arrested at CIA Torturerer, Gina Haspel’s Hearing – VIDEO

10 05 2018

LINK –  https://youtu.be/riD5BwrAyIw

RT Former CIA analyst dragged from Haspel hearing by Capitol Police after anti-torture protest

“McGovern was dragged from the room by Capitol Police after demanding that Haspel answer questions put to her about the waterboarding of terror suspects at a CIA “black site” in Thailand.”

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Entire Pacific Threatened by Nuke Waste Dump Sinking in the Marshall Islands

8 05 2018

A poison in our island
Rising seas caused by climate change are seeping inside a United States nuclear waste dump on a remote and low-lying Pacific atoll, flushing out radioactive substances left behind from some of the world’s largest atomic weapons tests.

By Mark Willacy

” . . . In the late 1970s, Runit Island, on the remote Enewetak Atoll, was the scene of the largest nuclear clean-up in United States history.

Highly contaminated debris left over from dozens of atomic weapons tests was dumped into a 100-metre wide bomb crater on the tip of the uninhabited island.

US Army engineers sealed it up with a half-metre thick concrete cap almost the size of an Australian football ground, then left the island.

Now with sea levels rising, water has begun to penetrate the dome.”


WikiLeaks – At least 4 European states host US nuke bombs

8 05 2018


U.S. Continues to Use Sympathy-Card, 9-11, to Pursue Enemies of Big Oil

6 05 2018

Tehran has strongly condemned the decision made by the US court, which had ruled that Iranian authorities have to pay compensations to the relatives of the victims of the September 11 attacks, according to a statement by the Iranian Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson Bahram Kasemi.

Looking in every direction except Dick Cheney’s bunker or Langley, Virginia seems disingenuous to us.

These days it seems when oil invasion war is proposed, all K-Street has to do is sap its fingers.

Big 6.9M Earthquake in Hawaii

4 05 2018

Fresh quakes hit Hawaii after Kilauea volcano erupts, hundreds flee

Scotland At Risk Of Chernobyl Like Accident Due To Cracks In Nuclear Reactor Near Glasgow (Owned By French Govt.)

4 05 2018

Mining Awareness +

OGL-ONR UK: https://www.iaea.org/NuclearPower/Downloadable/Meetings/2017/2017-10-23-10-27-NPTDS/099_Bamber_Presentation.pdf

While graphite cracking appeared much earlier, the keyway cracks were predicted in 2009 to appear by 2015. But, they were first found at Hunterston B, reactor 4, in 2014. 2009 was the year that the British nuclear power stations were sold to the French government (EDF). (See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_Energy )

http://www.onr.org.uk/foi/2014/2014020215-ar-53-2009.pdf Experts have been hired to prove that it’s really ok after all! But it’s not! The cause of the Windscale nuclear fire is believed to have been, in part, pushing the safety limits!

French government owned EDF needs to permanently shut down all of its old nuclear reactors in the UK, as well as France. Many, or all, of the UK reactors have cracked graphite bricks which, if they break through, can keep the nuclear reactors from being shut down, leading to meltdown.

The graphite could burn for days, emitting dangerous radioactive materials and further contaminating Europe…

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Crazy Vaccine Scientists Step Over the Line

29 04 2018

Sent in –
“New Quality-Control Investigations on Vaccines: Micro- and Nanocontamination”
“This gem is contained within an article on bringing blockchain technology to bear on the medical/pharma industry. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry”

Article: “The Third Digital Revolution to Unleash the Power of Anti-Censorship”

Last week, the Italian police raided the home and science laboratory of Drs. Antonietta Gatti and Stefano Montanari. The police snatched all of the digital assets owned by the husband and wife team of nanopathologists, grabbing laptops, computers, and flash-drives—and with it, years of work and research.

Because Gatti and Montanari had taken their research of nanodust and nanoparticles, from in-vivo (performed in a living organism) and in-vitro (performed in a test tube) to what unseen contamination might reside in vaccines in 2016, they came under the microscope of the United States, European, and Italian authorities. They had touched the third rail of medicine. They had crossed the no-go zone with the purported crime being scientific research and discovery. By finding nano-contamination in random vaccines, Gatti and Montanari revealed, for the first time, what no one knew: Vaccines had more than aluminum salts adjuvants, Polysorbate-80, and other inorganic chemicals in them, they also harbored stainless steel, tungsten, copper, and other metals and rare elements that don’t belong in shots given to fetuses, pregnant women, newborns, babies and toddlers developing their lungs, immune and nervous systems.