Florida’s DeSantis was Gitmo torturer

25 11 2022


Florida’s DeSantis was Guantanamo torturer
“I was screaming and he was smiling”: DeSantis ran Guantanamo torture


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James Howard Kunstler – The Solemn Stillness Before Winter

23 11 2022

“Ultimately, the Democratic Party is a criminal organization; and to support it is to be a criminal. And since it is the ruling party, unless you oppose it, you support it.” —Curtis Yarvin, The Gray Mirror”

” . . . In the dramatic demise of FTX, the self-styled crypto-currency-exchange, all the nefarious connections between the great ills of our time stand out starkly in a sudden, glaring light, namely: the dubious Covid-19 pandemic and all the punitive measures cooked up by officialdom, with help from FTX’s money, to supposedly combat the virus, especially the deadly mRNA “vaccines” still being pushed on a credulous public; the sinister operations of so-called hedge funds and their role in magically levitating the financial markets of an economy foundering on necrotizing malinvestments and debt that can never be paid; and the Satanic endeavors of a political faction, the Democratic Party of Chaos, in subverting every institution from sea to shining sea from schools, to courts, to elections while shoving the US into a land war in Europe. . . . ”  (more) 





5.2 M Quake on Cascadia Subduction Zone

21 11 2022

We had just been putting some off-Oregon-coast items on the LAST POST about the scary subduction zone! 

M 5.2 – 241 km W of Bandon, Oregon

↑ report has map.


USGS- Cascadia Subduction Zone Marine Geohazards


LINK –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OO0vPV7rn6k

The whole ring of fire is doing the anvil chorus –

6.2M quake down by Baja, offshore 

USGS report | Map




18 11 2022

World Cup abruptly bans beer with millions of Budweisers already in Qatar

“DOHA, Qatar — The sale of all beer with alcohol at the eight World Cup stadiums was banned Friday, only two days before the soccer tournament is set to start.

And taking to Twitter, Budweiser’s official account posted a hilarious reaction to the news.
They wrote: “Well, this is awkward…”

LINK – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZeZlX4DWTk


LINK – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWb47IdEXQg

We can all go back to saying “Kay-Tar” instead of “cutter”.


No fans at the FanZone  for the opening ceremony …

Disgraced Morgan Freeman kicks off World Cup opening ceremony in front of the Qatari royal family and rows of empty seats – after weeks of criticism of the country’s human rights record and hypocritical stars who overlook it






Post DNC stranglehold House opens Laptop from H*ll probe 🤸‍♂️

17 11 2022

So sweet ….

House Republicans Announce Hunter Biden Probe

“GOP lawmakers spent months threatening to launch a congressional investigation into the president’s son, citing alleged ethical improprieties and information on possible criminal wrongdoing relating to ‘pay-to-play’ business deals with foreign businessmen gleaned from a laptop that Hunter left in a Delaware computer repair shop in 2019. 
House Republicans have announced a formal probe into the activities of Hunter Biden, citing possible criminal activities.
(being updated)

“This Is An Investigation of Joe Biden” – BREAKING: House Republicans Announce Investigation of Joe Biden and Biden Crime Family (VIDEO)








Trump says NO to nuclear war

16 11 2022

On Nov. 15th Donald Trump took a vehement stand against the use of nuclear weapons.

LINK – https://rumble.com/v1uyucw-trump-says-no-to-nuclear-war-at-nov.-15-address.html

Trump’s Nov 15 announcement speech –

Outtake above is from the 19:44 min. mark – FC







Ongoing Bio-War discussed by Dr. Këvin McÇairn and Charles Rixey

13 11 2022



Link – https://rumble.com/v1so3rw-next-gen-warfare-with-charles-rixey.html

PART 2   

Link – https://rumble.com/v1szwe4-next-gen-warfare-with-charles-rixey-pt-2.html