Oroville Dam Week 2: Snow Melt Threat

27 02 2017

Breitbart News Northern California Snowmelt Crisis as Temps Rise into 70s

” . . . as temperatures rise to 65 degrees in mid-mountain elevations at the 6–8,000 foot levels that received 3 feet of snow in the last set of storms, 13-degree-above-average temperatures are about to trigger an early spring snowmelt,”

NOTE: Upper Feather River data and dam data links are on last Monday’ post.


KRCR –  Feb. 26 – Shasta Lake Area gets a SNOW WARNING

Snow will begin this afternoon and taper off to lighter snow late this evening. * MAIN IMPACT...Weekend travelers could experience travel delays, chain controls, and slick roadways. * SNOW AMOUNTS...Between 2 and 4 inches of snow expected for mountain passes, including Interstate 5 north of Lake Shasta.

Sacramento Bee

  • Can Oroville Dam’s badly damaged spillway hold up through the rainy season?

    ” . . . with at least five more weeks to go in California’s rainy season, and billions of gallons of water waiting to rush into the reservoir when the snowpack blanketing the Sierra Nevada melts this spring, the question on the minds of many living in the Sacramento Valley is this:
    Just how long can the badly damaged spillway hold up?

  • Oroville Dam’s banged-up spillway to shut down Monday

    “. . . DWR said it will begin dialing back the flows at 6:45 a.m. Monday, bringing the releases to a halt by sometime in the afternoon. DWR said it plans to keep the outflows at zero “for several days”.
    Dam operators have been moving in equipment to a water channel beneath the spillway in order to remove the pile of mud, concrete and other debris that’s accumulated since the crater developed Feb. 7. The pile is backing water up into the dam’s hydro plant, making it impossible to restart.”

  • This winter has bashed the heck out of California roads


LA Times Snowpack levels surge in the Sierra Nevada, helping to power California out of drought  . . . “Helping”??

San Fransisco ChroniclePhenomenal’ California snowpack nears record depths

Near-record Sierra snowpack — 185 percent of average


USA Today – Out West, the snow is so deep that scientists don’t have any tools to measure it

” . . . A greater percentage of precipitation coming in the form of rain instead of snow and irregular snow-melt cycles makes it more difficult for communities to capture water for public use.
“Instead of making its way into our faucets, the snow we have now could be washed away into the ocean . . . .””


LINK –  http://youtu.be/sJyU_ctqi08


Good film of the damage from Oroville Dam outflow –

LINK-  http//youtu.be/Lq0A5kj9iBw

TruthOut More Near-Disasters Like Oroville Are Very Likely in the Future, Say Experts

” . . . .There are a number of dams with similar spillway problems [as Oroville], or where the inflow can exceed what you can release as outflow out of the dam and that puts them in a dangerous situation. There’s some water purveyors that are looking at new water projects that would make it even worse, like the Merced Irrigation District, which wants to raise the emergency spillway at Exchequer Dam on the Merced River so that it could store more water, but that would further reduce their ability to manage the reservoir during a flood event like this.”

This North Coast Journal blog takes issue with Breitbart News story earlier this month about the Klamath River. . . .
” . . . The Klamath Project — featuring seven dams, a series of canals and pumping stations — was designed to divert water from the river into an irrigation system that allowed for the transformation of hundreds of thousands of acres of rangeland into farmland. The Klamath River Hydroelectric Project, meanwhile, included eight dams — including the four slated for removal — and, as its name attests, was aimed to providing cheap hydroelectric power to farmers and ranchers in the area. . . “ – (Has a good map.)

We just put this video in the comments – showing the dam damage now that they turned the tap off…


LINK –  http://youtu.be/9lmYJAg3Evs


Friday Dam Watch + Weekend News

24 02 2017

Sacramento BeeHow full are Northern California reservoirs and rivers?

The Flood Warning continues for the Yolo bypass near Lisbon + Hydrologic Statement for Cosumnes river at Michigan Bar.

Oroville dam data page (main)



◊  You can make your own chart (variable number of days, hours).

Feb 24 – Redding denies newspaper request to disclose flood maps

“The city of Redding’s top attorney on Friday denied the Record Searchlight’s request to disclose Sacramento River flood maps it has received from the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, citing a federal case’s argument that their details could be used for terror attacks.

A good view and discussion of the clear cutting above Oroville –

LINK – http://youtu.be/qaw3feQA9Xo

News Everyday report –

LINK –  http://youtu.be/Kos4d_tut5k

Weather Forecast


California Braces For Radioactive Rain

Oroville Town Hall: Reverse-911 Call System DIDN’T WORK During Dam-Fail-Fear Evacuation

Useful data links about the rivers and the dams are on Monday’s post. We just added some links for info on the Upper Feather River.


Oroville Dam – Massive Gold Rush Now Underway at the ‘Sluice Box’ Spillway? (Video)

LINK – http://youtu.be/lwofdXrxlMk


THE ONGOING NUCLEAR WAR AGAINST THE US: the rain factory making our weather

24 02 2017

By  Leuren Moret

Feb 24, 2017

Please see this video –

Oroville Dam – CA Rain: Proof Flooding is Manmade

LINK –  http://youtu.be/SpLullFAD4k

Here is a video that shows the moisture, that is pounding CA and falling as snow further east (February storms), as having its source in Hawaii from generators on the Hawaiian islands.

As I watched this video I realized that most of the footage is over the ocean, and it also shows the weather front passing over CA and continuing across the US, dropping its payload as rain and snow. There aren’t any generators between the Hawaiian islands and the west coast of the US, because it’s all ocean – yet there was lots of footage on the vid of “wild boiling off” of moisture, from sea level, into the air masses moving east overhead the ocean and the land. I slept on it because I knew the vid is a disinfo piece. But what was it hiding?

Figure 4    The distribution of the impact strength of Cesium-137 at year 1.5 (a), year 3.5 (b) and year 4 (c). The impact strength of a nuclear pollutant is computed by combining the relative number concentration of nuclear pollutant particulate tracers with the decaying rate of the related radioactive element. The relative number concentration is the change rate of the numbers of nuclear pollutant particulate tracers in a unit area relative to the initial numbers of nuclear pollutant particulate tracers in the originating region of nuclear pollutants.                                       Source: An ensemble estimation of impact times and strength of Fukushima nuclear pollution to the east coast of China and the west coast of America
HAN, G. et al., Science China Press and Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg August 2013, Vol.56, No.8: 1447–1451.
Read it here:

This morning I realized that it’s HAARP beams boiling off seawater in the Fukushima debris field (image above – Fig. 4) that stretches from the coast of China to the west coast of N. America.  Bob Nichols reported a large increase in rad for the Bay Area in his last two field reports, and I kept wondering where that was suddenly coming from.

GAMMA RADIATION REPORT: YRTW SOL No 3 and 4  By Bob Nichols on February 11, 2017                            http://www.veteranstoday.com/2017/02/11/gamma-radiation-report-yrtw-sol-no-3-and-4/

Well, there were over 10 million garbage bags of highly contaminated debris etc. that the Fukushima workers bagged up and piled on the beach of the lagoon in front of the plant.

‘City’ of Waste — Fukushima Cleanup Now Up to 10.7 Million 1-ton Bags of Radioactive Waste                                                  http://thefreethoughtproject.com/city-waste-fukushima-cleanup-10-7-million-1-ton-bags-radioactive-waste/

Months later in September 2015, Typhoon Etau – a powerful typhoon (created for the job) – swept Fukushima garbage bags into the ocean, and that “plastic island of death” started moving east across the Pacific headed for our west coast.  The bags and their radioactive cargo are somewhere between Hawaii and the west coast.

Fukushima Leaks Hundreds of Tons of Radioactive Water – 240 Contaminated Waste Bags After Typhoon Etau Hits Japan     http://alexanderhiggins.com/fukushima-leaks-hundreds-of-tons-of-radioactive-water-82-contaminated-waste-bags-after-typhoon-etau-hits-japan/

My conclusion is that the US military is using HAARP beams on the ocean surface, from Hawaii to the west coast, to boil off moisture from the ocean in the most contaminated part of the Fukushima debris field (east of Hawaii – see Fig. 4), and directing it as unprecedented and offscale rain and snowstorms across America, to genocide the continent, and at times including Canada. 

The food bowl of America and the population of California are being completely contaminated permanently with fission products from Fukushima.

In the center of this EARTH map on Feb. 20, 2017, two intersecting weather fronts are visible.  One is traveling NE across Calif., and has a moisture trail behind it over the Pacific, indicating its origin was Hawaii.  As it traveled over the San Francisco Bay Area and Central Valley of Calif. on Feb. 20, it intersected a stronger weather front covering the Central Valley and traveling NW.  Where these two fronts intersected, the multiplier effect increased the amount of rainfall and wind velocity – right over the Oroville Dam watershed, as indicated by consistent daily rainfall maps.  This is now irrefutable evidence that the weird storms and destruction of Calif. agriculture and the winter crops (sugar beets, wheat, alfalfa etc.), is artificially generated and targeting the food bowl of America with flooding and pernicious radiation poisoning of the crops and environment of California.

An identical operation is going on in the Caribbean where DU rad contaminated ocean moisture (from wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen) is being HAARP uploaded into air masses, that are seen traveling (the “weather front “rope” in the EARTH image above) N of New Orleans/Louisiana.  There have been tornadoes reported hitting New Orleans and Louisiana – not a normal weather pattern for that region.  In fact, that tornado “axis” from the southern states extending to Maine, has been a trajectory of tornado storms for a number of years – if people remember the southern states flattened and thousands of poor people homeless. 

The Louisiana Sinkhole Bugle                   https://lasinkhole.wordpress.com/2016/11/05/weather-mod/      



I would like to thank FlyingCuttlefish and Laurans Battis for their contributions to our group effort to inform the public about the Oroville dam situation, and the larger picture as a context for the ARTIFICIAL flooding of California and the winter crops. – L.M.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *

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Updates on Oroville Dam & California Floods + Rancho Seco (nuke waste place) Floody

23 02 2017

Feb. 23 on . . . .

Way too much water north of Oroville will not be good news to dam workers. They fell behind a day when they had those high winds.

The dam appears weakening.

Wall Fails At Oroville Dam During Testing

LINK – http://youtu.be/1KC427D3nLg

That far away abandoned nuke plant (nuke waste storage facility) is now in a flood-zone.


Nuclear Panic in California! Situation Unfolding: Nuclear Power Plant in Flood Zone Evacuations at Wilton! (Video)

CBS  – Multiple Levee Breaches Reported In Wilton Areahas VIDEO

VIDEO  – http://cbsloc.al/2kCr2im

white_blackYEL_RAD Our MAPS page about the dam has more on Rancho Seco NPP.

Google MAP (zoomable)


LINK –  http://youtu.be/SGlONc7Qiys

Sacramento Bee –  A section of Highway 50 has crumbled down the hillside. Repairs could take months.has VIDEO
(Scroll up ^ for map showing Hwy 50)

LINK –  http://youtu.be/dFxFYGV7Umc

arrow_up ODDITY:


ODDITY #2: Oroville original name was a Bible name, Ophir. –

The town was originally called “Ophir City”, but the name was changed to Oroville when the first post office opened in 1854 (“oro” is “gold” in Spanish).[6] The City Of Oroville was incorporated on January 3, 1906.’Wikipedia

Like Dick Cheney sneaking into Iraq for those “surprise visits” (cash deliveries)Jerry Brown makes surprise visit to Oroville Dam

Oroville dam potential failure causes evacuation of about 200,000 Californians

“…Due to the possibility of complete structural failure involving soil erosion surrounding a damaged spillway ramp, an evacuation order was announced on February 12th for Yuba, Butte, and Sutter Counties….”

Oroville Dam Oroville Spillway Town Hall 2/23/17

Reverse-911 DIDN’T WORK when evacuation was ordered (!!!) 

12:45 min. mark –

LINK –  http://youtu.be/wU3DeXXdQeI

Idea: Oroville residents should hold a conference with New Orleans residents who had to figure out how to approach BP.

Monday’s post has LINKS to LIVE DAM DATA.


FOUND! The Man-Made Source of California “River-of-Rain”!

22 02 2017


The plant making the so-called “pineapple express” causing so much havoc in Northern California is . . .

E X P O S E D!


Jump to 5 minute mark of this video – and share it widely –
WeatherWar101: Oroville Dam – CA Rain: Proof Flooding is Manmade





Atmospheric HAARP River Switches to “OFF” Over Oroville

22 02 2017

Leuren Moret: “They turned HAARP off today – almost no rain until the weekend. Jerry got his money from the Feds, and the state is wrecked, but not too wrecked to continue to bleed.”






The State of California map of “Current Reservoir Conditions”, indicates that on Feb. 20, 2017, 3 dams were nearly full, and over their historic capacities by large amounts: lake Oroville (80% full/116% above historic levels), lake Shasta (91%/127%), and San Pedro reservoir (98%/139%).  More than 53% of California’s dams and reservoirs were reported to be in bad condition before this catastrophic rainy season started. This map indicates statewide that all of the reservoirs are now full.
Source: Dept. of Water Resources, California Data Exchange Center (CDEC)
This is an EARTH image from (GFS/NCEP/US National Weather Service) data, of wind at the surface and the next 3 hour precipitation accumulation on Feb. 17, 2017, 23:00 PST.  Three moisture streams are seen on this map of the United States, and the two moisture streams on the left side of the map originate in the Pacific Ocean. 

The moisture stream in the center appears to be on a trajectory from the southwest towards the northeast crossing over the Central Valley of California.  It intersects at 90 degrees, a larger but shorter weather front trajectory traveling from the southeast to the northwest.  The larger weather front appears to have been widened and shaped to fit the Central Valley, then directed north through the valley of California. The intersection of the two weather fronts increased the moisture load and the windspeed that concentrated over the region of Oroville dam as reflected in the rainfall map. 

As the trajectory traveled north of Oroville, it was intercepted by a weather front traveling east (off of the Pacific), that clocked it to the east leaving a semi-circle.  The targeted intersection of the two trajectories over Oroville dam, resulted in the highest total precipitation in the region, at the headwaters of the Oroville watershed on Feb. 17-18.


This chart represents the Lake Oroville water storage levels for the water year Oct. 1, 2016 – Sept. 30, 2017.
Note that water storage was declining from Oct. 1, 2015 into early Dec. 2015.  A sudden exponential increase in water storage levels continued from early December into February, threatening to cause a total Oroville dam failure statewide catastrophe, not only at Oroville dam but across the state.

The normal historic water storage (soft green) pattern in the background indicates that the rainfall pattern since Dec. 2016 is not only offscale, but also unprecedented.  No dams in the the United States were designed to withstand such bizarre weather patterns, nor physical forces caused by unprecedented exponential rainfall patterns.

This is very strong evidence of a HAARP driven event.   
— Leuren Moret

Source: OroVille Dam” 11 Secrets They Are Not Telling You. PLUS Video Footage Exclusive (February 14, 2017) YouTube – https://youtu.be/8etbr_eCV48




On Feb. 10, 2017, the two largest dams in California and a third dam were at, or nearly maximum capacity, and nearly 50% above historic levels: Oroville dam (100%/149%), Shasta Dam (96%/138%), Don Pedro (97%/140%). 
Just one week later, on Feb. 18, Oroville dam had been overfilled, and both the spillway and emergency spillway had been badly damaged so severely, that backcutting by large water releases had caused so much erosion close to the dam that it severely endangered the integrity of the dam.  The Shasta and Don Pedro dam were also in danger but not as damaged as Oroville dam.  The lowering of the water levels in all three dams reduced the danger of further erosion due to overflows: Oroville dam (81%/118%), Shasta Dam (90%/126%), Don Pedro (97%/139%).  However, the dams were still threatened by at least three more storms on the way. 

Nearly all the dams on this map are now full, and many are damaged before the recent storms. 

Many of these dams were built in the 1960’s when Governor Edmund “Pat” Brown introduced the State Water Project (SWP) and California Aqueduct, creating a new agriculture infrastructure for farmers in California.  Unfortunately the 1500 dams in California have not been maintained, despite the present Gov. Jerry Brown, son of Pat Brown, has received $25 billion a year during his two terms to upgrade and maintain the dams.  Brown said he “spent it on the migrants”.


Where did all this weather engineering come from, now that there is evidence that many of these recent “natural disasters” have been engineered and manipulated by the Pentagon as well as private corporations. 

It turns out that two Calif. water agency bulletins published in 1957 and 1965 reveal that two governors of Calif. were involved.  Weather engineering began in Calif. in 1951, under Governor Goodwin Knight, a Mormon from a wealthy mining family in Utah.  The second bulletin came out in 1965, during the Governorship of Pat Brown.  Both Governors had close ties to the Jesuits.  The Mormons were created by the Jesuits, and Irish American Governor Brown had ties to the Jesuits through the Catholic Church.  The Jesuits represent the NWO, and are architects of food modification (Monsanto, GMO, Nestle, Archer Daniel Midlands, and Cargill), they control the CIA, and the Pentagon, the uranium business, intelligence, international trade, shipping, communications, the Red Cross, 10% of Congress are Jesuit linked, all of Obama’s intel chiefs and and the CIA were/are Jesuit linked.  Weather modification is also of interest to them. 


The question now is whether or not the weather patterns and modification observed in California since early December 2016 was man-made.  The answer can be found by establishing the scientific patterns of natural events, and comparing them to the patterns of events that seem questionable, unprecedented, and off-scale. 
Below is a graph of the Oroville dam historical average – total reservoir capacity for 1989-2017, a period of 28 years. 
Source: OroVille Dam” 11 Secrets They Are Not Telling You. PLUS Video Footage Exclusive (February 14, 2017) YouTube – https://youtu.be/8etbr_eCV48

During that period of nearly 30 years, the reservoir capacity varied depending on climate changes, but the overall yearly pattern for variations in monthly weather are very similar, with the exception of water year 2017. 

Not only does the present water year seem questionable, it is unprecedented, off-scale, and violates the scientific constraints of meteorology.  It is another example of “how to wreck the environment” a chapter in a 1968 book called UNLESS PEACE COMES, edited by Nigel Calder, a science publisher.  Here is the chapter written by Gordon MacDonald, the geophysicist who developed the tectonic warfare and weather modification applications for HAARP.  Please read this chapter, it will change your life and perception of HAARP:


“How to Wreck the Environment”, Gordon MacDonald (1968)          

The Federal Govt. has given Gov. Jerry Brown $25 billion a year for the upgrading and repair of California’s dams and reservoirs.  Where did that money go?  Governor Brown said he spent it on migrants.  I don’t believe him.  They don’t look any better off than they did before he spent $175 billion on them in 7 years.

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

SEE ALSOOroville Dam – Comparing Recent Weather Maps



CBS Latest storm gone but Northern California flooding fears grow as dams overflow

Sacramento Bee A pause in storms, but flood risks persist in California

” . . . the next storm will strike the valley on Saturday. It’s likely to be lighter than Monday’s, with less than an inch of rain falling in the Sacramento area.
Still, any rain that falls on the saturated soils could cause problems.

They expect rain and snow this weekend.

We will add anything new here. Add-ons will go into COMMENTS here. – FC

This is PART 3 of Leuren Moret’s series on Feb. HAARP storm over California


◊ PART 1  Oroville Dam: Artificial Loading of the Watershed Up North to Flood the Reservoir

 ◊ PART 2 Dam Disaster Averted (or derailed) in California

MORE on HAARP at LeurenMoret.info



Nuclear War Crimes: “Syria is plagued with radioactive contamination: U.S. used, and provided to armed gangs, depleted uranium weaponry”, [Dr. Leuren Moret, Report/Interview]

21 02 2017

American geoscientist and international radiation expert Leuren Moret says the whole country of Syria is plagued with radioactive contamination because the United States not only used depleted uranium…

Source: Nuclear War Crimes: “Syria is plagued with radioactive contamination: U.S. used, and provided to armed gangs, depleted uranium weaponry”, [Dr. Leuren Moret, Report/Interview]