Recalling US retaliation using earthquake weapon on China for spy nabbing in 2008

22 05 2017



This is all about the NY Times item on Saturday – Killing C.I.A. Informants, China Crippled U.S. Spying Operations .  But the New York Times is sketchy in its spook coverage. Trowbridge H. Ford wrote in 2008 –

“Take, for example, James Risen’s articles about the Bureau’s Robert Hanssen when he was exposed as having been a long-time KGB spy.  In his long exposé in The New York Times, there was no inkling of what information Hanssen, a strong anti-communist, passed along to Vladimir Kryuchkov’s FCD of the Moscow spy agency – what would be most germane to explain why a member of Opus Dei and a friend of FBI director Louis Freeh felt compelled to spy for the Soviets.

The big story about the spy round-up in China is the terrible revenge the US intel and military took.

Trowbridge H. Ford elaborates –

“[Hugh] Redmond’s mission the next year was to infiltrate as a foreign illegal operative, posing as a business man, the newly established communist regime with agents recruited from Shanghai in the hope of mounting resistance against it through acts of sabotage. (p. 50) Redmond was simply rounded up, though, by the communist authorities as a security measure, and languished in prison for the next nineteen years after having been convicted of espionage in 1954. In 1970, just when young Robert Gates – the current Secretary of Defense – was starting his career with the Agency in earnest, it was shocked to learn that Redmond had finally committed suicide after a covert ransom plan, involving famous Americans, and a $1,000,000 in Agency funds, to gain his release had failed.

And then there was the plight of other agents, and missionaries who finally were freed by Beijing. China, in sum, was the biggest source of losses by the CIA, even bigger than the former USSR, and it was high time for a payback for all its setbacks – what former DCI George Tenet had started with the laser-guided bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade during the campaign to force Serbia’s Slobodan Milosevic to withdraw his forces from Kosovo, due to its “faulty information”. Gup concluded: “This was paired with scandalous accounts of Chinese spying at U.S. nuclear weapons labs and wholesale theft of America’s most sensitive secrets.” (p.371) . . .”

“… the US Air Force turned the aim of its space weapons upon targets northwest of the Sichuan area in China, the desert where its qanats were attacked, causing a minor earthquake which loosened the connections between the Indian and Asian plates, hoping to destabilize the connections at their other end where the threats of underground facilities collapsing, landslides, rock falls, cave-ins, dams bursting, viaduct failures and the like had been increased by Chinese secret development of the area. It was all very similar to what the USS Jimmy Carter did to the Indian-Australian plate’s connection to the Antarctic one in anticipation of the earthquake which occurred two days later where it met the Burmese one.”

“… On May 12th [2008], the devastating earthquake happened, burying everything in the area in rubble except for those places which had a firm rock foundation. Beichuan city, thanks to a rippled effect it received from the epicenter, was simply buried in rubble – what no kind of earthquake protection building would have prevented – and the Chinese government has simply left untouched as a memorial to the dead. The underground nuclear assembly plant, and nuclear weapons storage sites high in the mountains received the same fate. The testing site at Dashita was so severely damaged that its nuclear reactor exploded during the earthquake, but was completely covered in the ensuing rubble as if the Chinese themselves had programmed its destruction as if it were simply a test.”

MORE on intel fails by Trowbridge H. Ford –

2007 – Christopher Andrew: Western Intelligence’s Ultimate Spin Doctor



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22 05 2017

Hanford – AGAIN!

20 05 2017

Zero Hedge “Everybody’s Freaked” – Washington Nuclear Facility Admits Second Radiation Leak, Workers Contaminated – has VIDEO


Oroville Dam – They Know Rapid Water Release Can Cause A Quake

20 05 2017

This was mentioned before – but here’s the documentation

1978 paper (!)Strength changes due to reservoir-induced pore pressure and stresses and application to Lake Oroville

“The results also show that rapid unloading may cause instantaneous crustal weakening owing to excess pore pressure.”

And here’s one from 1990

“Selected Oroville and Parkfield wave forms are modeled as the fundamental and first higher trapped SH modes of a narrow low-velocity layer at the fault. Modeling results suggest that the Oroville fault zone is 18 meters wide at depth and has a shear wave velocity of 1 kilometer per second, whereas at Parkfield, the fault gouge is 100 to 150 meters wide and has a shear wave velocity of 1.1 to 1.8 kilometers per second. These low-velocity layers are probably the rupture planes on which earthquakes occur...”


Oroville Nuke Lab Connection

20 05 2017

Yeah, it’s astrophysics, but a nuke lab is a nuke lab is a nuke lab –


What the hell is under the Oroville dam?

We found the info about LBNL/Oroville … but we’re still looking for the second Oroville (possibly closed by now) facility in an old mine.

The easy-to-find facility was inside the electric plant. But we’re looking for more info on this –

"UCSB-UCB-Saclay silicon experiment in the Oroville mine"

The problem is there’s a bunch of mines all around there.


20 05 2017

Perth Observer –



WordPress Doesn’t Want You to Look at Mining Awareness Blog – Run Right There and Look at it!

19 05 2017

Our RSS feed for MINING AWARENESS has been busted by WP for days.

MINING AWARENESS reports on hard to find nuke issues and nuke waste bad storage world-wide.

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