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31 03 2020



Wall Street on Parade The Dark Secrets in the Fed’s Last Wall Street Bailout Are Getting a Devious Makeover in Today’s Bailout
By Pam Martens and Russ Martens: March 31, 2020 ~ From December 2007 to November 10, 2011, the Federal Reserve, secretly and without the awareness of Congress, funneled $19.6 trillion in cumulative loans to bail out the trading houses on Wall Street. Just 14 global financial institutions received 83.9 percent of those loans or $16.41 trillion. A number of those banks were insolvent at the time and did not, under the law, qualify for these Fed loans. Significant amounts of these loans were collateralized with junk bonds and stocks, at a time when both markets were in freefall. Under the law, the Fed is only allowed to make loans against “good” collateral.


Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti are asking why should FOREIGN-REGISTERED cruise ship companies be in line for a handout from the US taxpayers? They can ask their hosts in Panama and Liberia for one.
About 9 min. mark –

Why aren’t the NSA, FBI and DOJ swarming the University of North Carolina, Fort Detrick, Harvard University and the Wuhan Virology Lab with search warrants and arrest warrants? Why isn’t the press camped out at the same places?

And another thing on the over-crowded hospitals in New York City reports every night on the news this week:


  Corona Virus is a biological weapon – SMOKING GUN


Reset is just another bail out for the rich

18 03 2020


UK – property millionaire films his laughing friends burning Grenfell Tower effigy on bonfire

29 07 2019

The Daily Mail Grenfell victim’s aunt accuses ‘racist’ property millionaire of ‘directing hate at the community’ by filming ‘revolting’ video of his laughing friends burning tower effigy on bonfire

Scum: “Paul Bussetti, 47, denies two charges of sending grossly offensive material via a public communications network, insisting he only shared the footage in two closed groups of friends on WhatsApp.”


#SEVENGATE Crime ring and the Grenfell Fire– a human sacrifice for ultra rich crazies



Catherine Austin-Fitts says robots to take over all US jobs soon – funded by workers, not by 1%

16 09 2018

At 39:05 min. mark –


She says the whole reason for hastily written laws, not by popular demand, for alternative sex options (besides M/F) on birth certificates is to assign personhood to robots in the future, affording them benefits that used to go to human workers. The laws are already introduced in some states and 1%ers at fancy think tanks are going full steam ahead with the plan. 

Washington birth certificates could list sex as M, F or X

This scheme ties into what happened to the missing 21 trillion dollars the pentagon “lost”. It is funding  robot take-over of the American workplace with AI help.
See her new website – The Missing Money.

Grenfell fire and social cleansing in London

25 07 2017

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This 20 July 2017 video from England is called Grenfell Tower: survivors rage at councillors and conflicts of interest in testing exposed.

By Julie Hyland in Britain:

Grenfell fire: social cleansing by London councils widespread

24 July 2017

Last year, the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea council (RBKC) raised more money from the sale of two council houses than it spent on the combustible cladding used to “refurbish” Grenfell Tower.

The cheap cladding and insulation material ensured a fourth-floor fridge fire became a blazing inferno that rapidly consumed the 24-storey building, killing at least 80 people.

Just £3.5 million was spent on the cladding surrounding the 120-apartment high-rise. In contrast, the Conservative-controlled council raised £4.5 million from the sale of two three-bedroom homes in the richer southern part of the borough, according to financial records obtained by the Guardian.

The newspaper reports that one of…

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Cold War Reprise – Bought by Billionaire Mikhail Khodorkovsky

23 04 2016

Fort Russ

Exposed: Khodorkovsky paid $385,000 for Congress to adopt the Magnitsky Act

The myths surrounding the adoption of the Magnitsky Act feverishly formulated by the head of moneyTossHermitage Capital as well as those they hired for informational assistance to spread this story inside Russia among various opposition figures, including Alexey Navally, imply the existence of an honest and heartfelt sense of pity for Russia on the part of American congressmen.  
However, an examination stopping at Mr. Browder’s lobbyist schemes would be simply unforgivable, especially from the point of view of the interests of Russian society which deserves to know who exactly stands behind the anti-Russian hysteria in the West. Therefore, today we present to the court of the respected public the second part of the investigation on the secret springs behind the US Congress’ “Magnitsky Act.” And the main character in our investigation is played by Mikhail Khodorkovsky. . . (more)

1%’s pal, WaPoThe man behind the Magnitsky Act explains why now is the time to go after the Russian elite’s assets

The Department of Justice is Goldman Sachs’ Footstool

23 03 2016

The Veneer of Justice in a Kingdom of Crime


” . . . a brief American legal history of the executive branch’s overthrow by criminal global banks, which is divided into four roughly chronological segments.”