11 01 2012

From Radioactive Chat

Fukushima Earthquakes Jan 2012 Updates Emergency Evacuation at Nuclear Plant Workers Have Left Province

[snip] . . .  The quakes did not damage buildings however the cooling have been cracked above reactor 4 at the Fukushima Nuclear Plant. There is NO WATER in the pool and the fuel rods have been knocked over!!

Plutonium have been released, the nuclear fuel stored have started to meltdown at the Fukushima Nuclear Plant because of the damage done by the recent earthquakes. The plant is now on emergency and the situation is very serious. The plant have been evacuated, not only have the TEPCO workers been pulled out from the nuclear plant, they have left the Fukushima province!

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also — has a good NEW interview with Yoichi Shimatsu on it – (link is MP3 download)

also – – –  Nuclear History blog has more about road closures etc. with links.

“[snip] . . . Botton line, the situation at Fukushima has worsened, the concept of cold shut is a marketting gimic not applicable to reactors with empty vessels and molten fuel.”

A PHOTO of FLEEING WORKERS taken from the Live Cam Video is now up on our earthquakes 2012 post!

And – all of the new 2012 quakes-near-Fukushima will be on one post for easy bookmarking.

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From Fukushima Diary, Jan. 10  – 

Military helicopters observed around south Tokyo area  PHOTO

Hydrogen explosion of reactor 4 may have happened on 1/9/2012

Emergency At Fukushima Daiichi?

The Tomioka web cam catches all sorts of things, cows, ostriches, dogs and whatever the panic and emergency vehicles were yesterday [Jan. 6] . . . .

VIDEO that is in the above article shows a parade of emergency vehicles. LINK –

In case Google removes the video here’s a screen grab –