We Ask – Was the 1990 Happy Land Social Club fire in New York a deliberate HUMAN SACRIFICE like the Grenfell Towers Fire?

13 11 2018

Oddly, ABC 7 in fire-hit Ventura County, CA is running this retrospective about the (drug import hub) Domincan “club” in NYC that had doors locked when a disgruntled patron set the whole thing ablaze on a packed night in 1990.

Do some, untouched, super-wealthy Californians get off on watching fire deaths?

ABC 7:

Happy Land Social Club fire in the Bronx in 1990


Only the arsonist went to prison. Not the slumlord husband of Hollywood royalty who broke every fire code in the book and allowed fire exits to be LOCKED at an illegal night club that plied him with rent money. And NYFD has a big hand in taking bribes to overlook the scores of Dominican drug-hub-“social clubs” that gutted the north two thirds of Manhattan island in the 80’s and 90’s.

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