Arizona Audit Released

25 09 2021


Maricopa County Forensic Audit

The Gateway Pundit AZ Audit Finds Proof of Pre-Meditated Fraud: Multiple Ballot Envelopes Had “Verified and Approved” Stamp That Appears to be PRE-PRINTED BEHIND Signature Box – Several Approved With No Signature at All

San Francisco ChronicleAs Arizona election ‘audit’ ends, new ones begin

Critics point out the audit contractor is a fly-weight and doesn’t use standard vote audit methods.

Experts said these claims are issues because Cyber Ninjas did not use the proper data sets. Benny White helped analyze election data for the Arizona Republican Party for the past 14 years. He said the auditors used commercially available data set that was not complete.

“The entire report by the Ninjas depends upon an analysis of this commercial database that I just don’t find credible. They depend on matching up voters by parts of names. Maybe the same year date of birth,” White said. “That’s just nonsense.”

Bev Harris explained in 2016 – ABOUT AUDITS

“Auditors assess whether conditions are present which may facilitate fraud. When auditors find material omissions, procedural flaws, or inaccuracies they may issue a “decline to state” opinion, explaining that facts cannot be substantiated.

An audit differs from a law enforcement investigation, and may be unable to determine for certain if material misrepresentations were actually made. It is beyond the scope of audits to determine whether inaccuracies were accidental or intentional. Determining criminality and proving whether or not there was theft is a law enforcement function, not an auditor’s role.”



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2020 Election Fraud – vote audits’ slow drip, drip, drip 💧

13 06 2021

Zero Hedge
‘Touch The Ballots, Go To Jail’: AZ Lawmaker Warns Biden AG As Audit Showdown Brews


An Arizona state Senator has warned US Attorney General Merrick Garland that he’ll ‘spend time in prison’ if he interferes with the 2020 post-election audit, after Garland announced on Friday that the Justice Department will look into whether any federal laws were broken – and claimed the state was employing ‘abnormal’ methods.”


Other blog we like covering the vote audits (many states) is James Howard Kunsler’s Clusterf*ck Nation.


James Howard Kunstler on the Arizona Mirage

14 05 2021

The Truth Is Surely Baseless

MADDOW: … I think we should see this as the Justice Department putting these whack jobs in Arizona, forgive me, on notice, that what they`re doing is something they`re not going to be allowed to do for very much longer.

O`DONNELL: I think ‘whack jobs’ is now in The New York Times style sheet for describing what`s happening in Arizona.

— MSNBC 5/5/21

“What you’re seeing now with the DC establishment are desperate moves to keep the suspicious and yet more pissed-off public from understanding the government crime spree of the past five years that started with the Obama gang using the Department of Justice to disable and terminate Donald Trump and the threat he represented to the network of special privilege and money known as the Swamp, which has managed to put a deep-fake president in office as a last resort to protect itself.

The urgent problem: how to squash the Arizona vote audit by branding it as an outlaw action, even though it was ordered under law by the Arizona State Senate. Having failed to stop it so far using the Swamp’s Lawfare cadres in the Arizona courts, the DOJ has called in its Civil Rights Division to get’er done, pretending that it will be an offense against people-of-color if auditors seek to know whether write-in votes correspond to actual addresses, and other particulars of election procedure that may have been violated.”  . .  (more)




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