Revisiting the Advocate Exposè on the Napoleonville Salt Dome

16 01 2013


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Dome issues kept quiet

David J. Mitchell

August 13, 2012

Louisiana Department of Natural Resources and Texas Brine Co. officials knew at least since January 2011 that one of the company’s salt dome caverns may have developed problems now suspected of possibly causing a large sinkhole and unexplained natural gas venting in northern Assumption Parish swamps.

For more than two months, as gas bubbles and tremors rattled the Bayou Corne community. DNR and other officials had asked for patience while pipelines, oil and gas wells and other salt caverns were tested.

The problems with the salt cavern were not disclosed to the public and some parish officials involved with the response effort. . . . (more)

8:25 pm , Nov. 27- Bayou Corne Field Update

28 11 2012

wonder what made the swamp water stop rushing into the sinkhole….
Let’s hope the on site workers have some Geiger counters with them … or those little (cheap) film strips nuke plant workers wear to detect radiation!

Assumption Parish Police Jury

Office of Conservation
Bayou Corne Field Update
Nov. 27, 2012 Activities

Texas Brine Facility

Oxy 3-A Cavern Well –
Injecting brine/removing oil and flaring natural gas

Vent Well to Top of Aquifer –
Flaring gas at 46.9 mcf/day

Vent Well to Top of Cap Rock –
Shut in pending plug and abandon evaluation

Sinkhole Site –
Settling/shifting of material underlying sinkhole created disturbance of water in sinkhole in morning roughly coinciding with USGS report of observance of seismic activity – crude oil emulsion and woody debris from sinkhole bottom observed rising to surface, water from nearby swamp seen flowing into sinkhole. Surface activity observed for several minutes before water calmed again.

Conservation/Shaw Operations

Observation/Vent Well #1 –
Flaring gas at 32 mcf/day

Observation/Vent Well #2 –
Flaring gas at 30 mcf/day

Observation/Vent Well #3 –
Removing water to improve flaring efficiency

Observation/Vent Well #4 –
Flaring gas at 12 mcf/day

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Concerns Over Sinkhole Dangers Ignored in Louisiana

19 09 2012

In the past two days the dramatic increase in tremors at the sinkhole and the new sinkhole expansion are causing big concerns for people in Assumption Parish. Locals don’t all believe the explanations from Texas Brine about what they are doing.

Many fear an explosion from all the new gas bubbles. Many fear worse than that as the sinkhole and gas-pipe network lie right on the New Madrid Fault. As this unease spreads authorities have announced they won’t attend a town hall meeting slated for tomorrow.

The news will be updated at our other blog, The Louisiana Sinkhole Bugle.