G.O.P. lies about Iran “threat”

4 10 2009

covered by Dick Destiny


Next up, a survey of all the press the GOP electromagnetic pulse crazy lobby placed over the last ninety days, in excerpts. (Minus larger opinion pieces placed directly by the EMP Crazy lobby members, covered earlier on this blog. And since this blog has already covered all the major GOP politicians and celebrities involved with it — Newt Gingrich, Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum, Curt Weldon, Trent Franks, Roscoe Bartlett, Pete Hoekstra, etc — their contributions can be more finely delved in the link at the very foot of the piece.)

Readers again notice it’s exclusively the property of the crank GOP right, now the great norm of the party. But unlike the more pressing and obvious problem of reforming healthcare nationwide, the GOP is for acting on electromagnetic pulse menace although the issue has no patrons as powerful as the health insurance industry and big pharma. By contrast, EMP draws from the missile defense industry lobby — which was dealt a blow today. The missile defense lobby is also functionally equivalent to the Bomb Iran lobby…. (more)


This blog goes on with a whole series of phoney press ‘reports’ of Iran threat weapons to gin up a war against the oil rich state.  [F.C. says “arrrg” to that!]    CF_WTF