On photographer Anders Breivik and the Auschwitz sign heist caper

6 12 2011

By  Trowbridge H. Ford

Photographer, Anders Breivik, was involved in the heist of the Auschwitz entrance sign two years ago – an operation which was designed to completely implicate neo-Nazis, especially Lars Göran Whalström, in terrorism against Swedish institutions while pocketing the money to finance terrorist actions in the name of Islam.

The whole plot was completely frustrated by Anderw Högstrom informing the Swedish and Polish police about where the sign had been hidden. 

The police, though, instead of letting Högstrom escape by explaining the whole operation, they waited until Thomas Salme was arrested for flying commercial airliners without a license.  Then Högstrom was sent to Poland, prosecuted, and imprisoned for 32 months for leaking it.  Some way to treat the only honest, good guy in the whole matter.

Just a year ago, when Högstrom went to prison, and the effort by Säpo and the FBI to fix me up as ‘Jihad Jane’s whitey Islamic lover/assassin against Lars Vilks was collapsing, Taimour Abdulwahab, who had been recruited by Breivik and his UK supporters, set off the bombs in Stockholm which only killed himself, apparently because he had second thoughts about doing it, and settled merely on himself.

His handler had to be Breivik who was there, and hoped to take photos with his zoom-lens camera of all the mayhem.  Instead he had to settle for taking ones of the dying and then deceased.

The failure seems to be that the police and Säpo should have been on the trail of Breivik by then, and the failure to so would have been a serious embarrassment. If Taimou had detonated the bombs successfully, it would have been a great tragedy.

Even now, the police could make up for its absence just showing the two witnesses photographs of whom they think could be the operation’s photographer, including the least rarely seen photo of Breivik.

This must be the case or the police would not have turned down the shopkeeper’s offer of supplying it with the videos of the scene at the time.

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