Super Danger to All When Meltdown Fuel Meets Groundwater in Japan

13 04 2015


And just as bad – the west coast of North America is getting clobbered with radiation and it has contaminated the water.


Our earlier post has a picture of concrete burned through by corium.

And Another Thing About 9-11

13 09 2014


Trowbridge H. Ford from 2011 – Answers to Questions Posters Should Be Asking about America’s Man-Made Disasters

Fukushima Radiation: 200 kilometers of Canadian Pacific Coast Line Devoid of All Life

10 08 2014


At Gaza: Israel Used Directed Energy Weapons & Tactical Nukes – Dana

27 07 2014

Proof –


G00gle News hides  headlines like these –


Who Owns Nuke Shill Rag, Vancouver Sun?

13 04 2014

Today Dana talked about the Vancouver Sun and this inane headline –
Citizen scientists prepare to test West Coast for Fukushima radiation
Sometime in the next few weeks highly diluted, low-level radiation from the Japanese nuclear disaster is expected to reach West Coast shores


Who Owns This lying, awful paper?

Let’s see . . .

They are part of something called Postmedia Network that is basically all the big newspapers in Canada.

Sourcewatch says Postmedia Network Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Postmedia Network Canada Corp., is the largest publisher by circulation of paid English-language daily newspapers in Canada, representing some of the country’s oldest and best known media brands“.

Hmmm . . . so why would they shill for the evil, killer nuke industry?

Oh. Their chairman is Ron Osborne “Mr. Osborne is also Chairman of the board of Sun Life Financial Inc. and Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada. Prior to this he was President and Chief Executive Officer of Ontario Power Generation Inc.,”

short link –

Hammer Coming Down on Our Communication

13 02 2014

Due to heightened daisysinyardit is hard for anyone new to the issue to find out about Fukushima on the web except for the paid search results put out by the nuke-industry-friends.



His channel – he has a live show every night usually.


ENE-News reports –  Reporters reveal “blast ruined inside of containment vessel” at Fukushima Unit 4 — Walls ‘destroyed’ — Explosion was ‘believed’ to have been outside reactor (PHOTO)

This shows all of the media tours of Unit 4 at Fukushima recently were faked. They probably drove off the reporters to a made up set or other reactor a safe distance away from the blasting radiation at the wrecked (real) Unit 4. Like we all said all along!

Example of faked report on Unit 4 by the biggest shill of them all, CNN – Inside Fukushima: Decommissioning [sic]  Tepco’s stricken nuclear reactor



More from ENE-News –

  • Nuclear Engineer: Fuel assembly damaged at Fukushima Unit 4 — It’s bent in shape of banana — Unknown if pellets poured into pool during removal — Tepco stopped English translations (AUDIO)



Dana on the Public Relations Firms Defending Nukes Now

17 01 2014



Radioactive Chat – (scroll down)  How Many Bananas Do You Need To Eat To Get a Metallic Taste In Your Mouth?