How Precision Scheduled Railroading caused disaster in Ohio

23 02 2023

Rail workers opposed dangerous Precision Scheduled Railroading which caused the catastrophe in Ohio. Biden stopped them by busting their union when they recently threatened to strike.

Every town with railroad tracks running through it is in danger now because of Precision Scheduled Railroading.


Opposition to Precision Scheduled Railroading

“The rail industry in North America is in the throes of tumultuous changes, collectively known as “Precision Scheduled Railroading” (PSR). As of late 2018, there is no major rail carrier that is immune from the convulsions that are taking place in our industry. This operating plan has been propelled into the forefront in recent years by the quest for short-term profits by hedge fund investors with no concern about the long-term viability nor health of the rail industry. While PSR might help to deliver record profits and all-time low operating ratios, this operating plan is in fact a farce, a thinly veiled disguise that relies on deferred maintenance, lax safety standards, a decline in infrastructure investment, and reduced labor costs to “succeed.”

PSR has been problematic for rail workers of all crafts, shippers of all shipping groups, general rail safety, the industry itself and the nation as a whole. The profit-driven speed-up has contributed to worker fatalities and crippling injuries. Workers are vulnerable to even more hazards and dangers, as are surrounding communities. … (more)


Gus Leonisky’s blog –
precision scheduled railroading… and not a fast train in sight… and plenty of shunting……

“So, the threatened railway workers strike is over. President Joe Biden used his authority over interstate commerce to impose a settlement. “




After getting kicked to the curb after begging Saudi Arabia to lower oil price Biden grovels before African leaders when they begin making lucrative deals with China

15 12 2022

Yesterday the unpopular candidate for re-selection hosted this “U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit Dinner”. The US is getting the heebie-jeebies over China’s successful overtures to the neglected, resource rich continent.
See: Emerging markets to reshape future global order as the West’s power wanes in the coming years
So after China made huge deals in Africa someone in the west wing dragged Joe away from vacation time and made him try to tell African leaders why they should sit still and continue getting screwed by the west for a few more centuries.


The Daily Mail [UK] reports, ‘My nation’s original sin’: Biden apologizes to delegation of African leaders for the ‘unimaginable cruelty’ of slavery and offers them $55billion – as Rwandan president mocks US in front of laughing crowd




Standby: Senile Joe to read a primetime speech on Thurs. night in Philly << UPDATE: WAS HE WIRED??

1 09 2022

Daily Mail [UK] – 

Biden goes primetime to talk about ‘the battle for the Soul of the Nation’ after calling MAGA Republicans ‘semi-fascist’: President will speak Thursday about ‘fighting for Democracy’ at Philadelphia’s Independence Hall

  • [alleged] President Joe Biden will deliver a primetime speech on Thursday night on the ‘continued battle for the Soul of the Nation’


Do you think some people will be there to greet him? Pennsylvania is coal country.

The speech will be at 8 p.m. EST    /  C-Span will show it

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[image from C-Span stream]



We say it even beats President Gerald Ford’s 1974 classic bad speech, “Whip Inflation Now”.






Biden Provokes Russia with Act of War

9 03 2022

Daily Mail [UK] – 

Biden sends two Patriot missile batteries to Poland after calling plan to send all their MIG-29 jets to Ukraine ‘unworkable’: VP Harris will arrive in Warsaw today as ‘hand-to-hand’ combat breaks out in Kyiv suburbs 

Russia has repeatedly said they will counter the US if they get attacked by any NATO countries.

“US European Command (EUCOM) Spokesperson Captain Adam Miller announced that the US will send 2 Patriot air defense system missile batteries to Poland to counter any threat to the US and its NATO allies during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.”

US sending 2 Patriot missile batteries to Poland: Statement
Deployment ‘being conducted proactively to counter any potential threat to US and Allied forces,’ says EUCOM spokesman


In Preparation for No-fly Zone [‼] in Poland, U.S. Sends PATRIOT SAM Batteries to the Country

A No-Fly Zone is an act of war.

US, Allies Sending Weapons to Ukraine from Secret Airfield in Eastern Europe

The fact that the US is supporting NATO, and the fact that NATO is actually supporting Ukraine, proves that Vladimir Putin was right all along: he cannot allow NATO forces to circulate around Ukraine.

Another provocation.

(Mar. 7) Russia’s invasion raises short-term consequences for Poland’s defence capabilities

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Standby – Senile Joe address on blocking more gas imports ⛽

8 03 2022

“President Biden will announce a ban on Russian energy imports Tuesday after a bipartisan coalition in Congress threatened to force his hand to punish Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine.

Biden was expected to formally announce the restrictions in a 10:45 a.m. address from the Roosevelt Room of the White House.”

10:45 EST is 11:45 ⏱ dementia time ….

That’ll fix everything. He is also supposed to meddle with cryptocurrency today.


” . . . Hold Russia Accountable” … um-hmmm. Maybe he should explain why he walked away from the Minsk Accords and why he rebuffed two or three weeks of overtures from Russia to set up binding agreements dealing with Russia’s security. And why he funds crazy Nazis next door to Russia.


Executive Order on Prohibiting Certain Imports and New Investments With Respect to Continued Russian Federation Efforts to Undermine the Sovereignty and Territorial Integrity of Ukraine

“Sec. 3. Nothing in this order shall prohibit transactions for the conduct of the official business of the Federal Government or the United Nations (including its specialized agencies, programs, funds, and related organizations) by employees, grantees, or contractors thereof.”


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Standby: Senile Joe to speak today at 1:30 p.m. (EST) to threaten Russia with flyswatter

24 02 2022

That could be 2:30 or 3 p.m. Dementia Time (DT). ⏱

No more Netflix for you, Russia!


The White House statement with the gist of the sanctions.

Hot water for Hunter Biden is reaching a boiling point

It looks like this guy,

“Devon Archer, his former business partner, best friend and fellow Yale alum, faces sentencing Monday, four years after being convicted over a $60 million scheme to defraud one of the poorest Indian tribes in America.”

… might blab his head off about Biden family deals.  Let’s see if he is found hanging in his cell.




Standby: Senile Joe to speak today at 4 p.m. (EST) to promote his war against Russia

18 02 2022

That could be 5 p.m. Dementia Time (DT).

NY Post Biden to talk Ukraine crisis after predicting Russian invasion in ‘days’

Looks like they want people to quit watching Canada!