Bill Clinton Apologist, James Patterson Covers Up Epstein Ties for His Buddy

12 07 2019

A – James Patterson knows remarkably little about Bill Clinton’s many meet-ups with pedo pal, Jeffrey Epstein.


B – James Patterson has cozy financial ties with Bill Clinton. They wrote (or hired ghost writers) a “best-seller”, The President is Missing.

Oddly, the book was put out by 2 publishers in tandem – Alfred A. Knopf and Little, Brown & Co., an unheard of practice.
Oddly, the book had a giant advance with sales reported over a million copies and a big tv deal got made when Bill Clinton doesn’t write fiction. Bill wouldn’t say if a cent of the proceeds would go to his shady charity, the Clinton Foundation.
Oddly, Bill landed the Showtime tv deal BEFORE the book was even published.
” . . . the project was hotly sought after by studios and networks, with Clinton and Patterson doing a 16-meeting tour around Hollywood trying to select the right outlet. CBS chairman and CEO Leslie Moonves — who has a long-standing relationship with both Clinton and Patterson (the latter an executive producer on the CBS drama Zoo) — personally helped make the deal.”
Like Epstein, Leslie Moonves “reportedly made use of the [non-disclosure] agreements to hide evidence of sexual assault or harassment. This secrecy in turn allowed offenders to target additional victims.”
Bill Clinton, you may recall ushered in the deregulation of cable television (hence garbage reality shows bundled for you whether you like it or not for way too high a bill) making a fortune for perverts like Moonves. Is the whopping advance on a mediocre book payback?

C – Variety reported that Moonves’ “longstanding” relationships with Clinton and Patterson were vital to the project landing at Showtime.

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This is big money deal logrolling and it has lead to media giants colluding to cover up massive pedo ring ops at the centers of power.