US Taxpayer-Debt Gifted $80 Million+ to Bill Gates’ TerraPower for an Ultra-Dangerous Sodium Cooled Nuclear Reactor Project; Biden Wants to Give Him More

10 06 2021

Mining Awareness +

Sodium (Natrium) is highly reactive. It combusts upon contact with air, and reacts violently with water. Nuclear and sodium are a dangerous combination with a bad track record. They aren’t new and haven’t been “advanced” since the 1950s.

3 pounds of sodium plus water. Public domain via wikimedia

Bill Gates had a “net worth” of $144.2 billion (US), as of June 5, 2021, making him the fourth richest individual in the world. Why are hard-working American taxpayers supposed to give him money, then, for a dangerous and costly nuclear reactor, or anything else? Why is the US incurring more debt for this? Why is Bill Gates allowed to mine the taxpayer?

Gates and TerraPower chose the Latin (and German) term for sodium, “Natrium” – perhaps to distance it from the many historic dangerous sodium reactors and maybe to sound natural:

In a Chapter 5 on “Liquid Sodium–Cooled Fast…

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Bill Gates Gets $4 BILLION, You get 600 Bucks ⁉

22 12 2020

Sent in –

4 BILLION MORE to Bill motherf*cking Gates FFS??!!
But hey, enjoy that $600!!
“Please sir, may I have some more gruel in me bowl??”







An Enzyme Called Luciferase Is What Makes Bill Gates’ Implantable Quantum Dot Microneedle Vaccine Delivery System Work

6 05 2020

Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch

Bill Gates who is not a health expert by any stretch of the imagination…who has bought WHO… curious name too isn’t it? Luciferase. EWR


Bill Gates is building something that we call the Human Implantable Quantum Dot Microneedle Vaccination Delivery System, and it is composed of multiple things. At its center we have the COVID-19 vaccination that he wants to give every human on earth, there will be quantum dot microneedles, a digital identification mark from ID2020, and a human implantable device for buying and selling cryptocurrency with a patent number of #060606. The digital ID will come in the form of something called an Immunity Passport. All of these things, and all being funded by one man, Bill Gates, represents in total at the very least a stunning forerunner to the Mark of the Beast world system. That’s at the very least estimation, taken…

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Bill Gates, WHO hacked story – True ❓❓❓

22 04 2020

We are looking for anything useful from this story sent in –

BREAKING: the Gates Foundation, World Health Organization and Wuhan Institute of Virology have all been hacked

The article refers to a page with a lot of links to (supposed) e-mail addresses of the entities.

A lot is deleted, here is a saved version.

But did anything useful come out of this hack (if it happened at all)?
We are checking. More will get added here later as we wade through it.

This looks interesting

From the above “breaking” news story – SCIENCE PAPERS:

Papers/Research Z[Author]&cauthor=true&cauthor_uid=31022925



This is worthwhile (if true) – a big list of saved tweets.

Still . . . if this was a true hack would they announce it before culling anything? We agree with this opinion:

document download:
From above document:


Also from above – but just grabbed off the document, not from original source –

“posting the data i got from login in with the world health organization account leak”

Unable to verify if these images are legit – FC


MSM has picked this up … get ready for scrubbing ….

What is AMY CARTER doing at the
Gates Foundation???

This looks legit:



These passwords (if true) are telling – from  this post

This group says they will show some info later

This post, translated from Chinese looks legit, it has addresses of the labs etc. –

Some front piece for a paper in Chinese

A discussion of this news story – Varian Launches New Smaller Calypso Beacon Transponder To Guide Radiation Therapy In Soft Tissue Tumors

—— Source –

The 4Chan discussion board had a link for this image with no explanation –


Speak of the devil . . . .

April 23 – has more pages of comments.

There is a post showing a tweet that says “I think this “hack” may be a hoax, at least looks like some sort of honeypot.”

This comment has a link to an earlier discussion about evidence (or not) of genetic engineering for the Wuhan virus.

Follow up post: “reminder, we’re debunking this indian paper: which claimed to find 4 sequences common between corona and HIV.”

April 24 –

China: cyber attacks on anti-pandemic institutions should be condemned







From a link on 9Chan’s coronavirus news page – a document with many science paper links:


Some virus statistics, projections of growth may be in error says this story: Coronacide, by Robert Gore – careful of ad links scattered in the middle of the article….



H/T to  for the news!

David Icke: Bill Gates, Elon Musk & George Soros Are Frontmen For The Top of the Pyramid

20 04 2020

Mind Control Missile Murder Madness: FROM ANDROMEDA TO WUHAN

8 02 2020

” . . . we find that the Gates Foundation is one of the major stakeholders in the Pirbright Institute, who just happen to do scientific presentations for nanoparticle vaccines available for download from the NOVA website. And following the trail we find that just days ago the American company Novavax announced a new human version of a coronavirus vaccine based on nanoparticles – the stock is already up over 60%. Follow the trail as they say. Problem – reaction – solution.

The Chinese biolab level containment 4 (BSL-4) that studies some of the world’s most virulent strains just happens to be based in Wuhan.”



ALSO – (Jan. 25) Is the new ‘deadly China virus’ a covert operation? – Jon Rappoport