Touchless Tourture – Documentary

31 07 2017




Mid-Atlantic Ridge Strange – south end of it man-made shakes?

3 08 2016

Item – Aug. 2 –  5.8 quake South Sandwich Is. (off  the bottom of South America)

Item – Aug. 3 –  5.1 quake same region


We’ve been following these large quakes happening up and down the Mid-Atlantic Ridge from Greenland down to almost Antarctica, around the South Sandwich Islands off the tip of South America. But there seems to be something off about the quakes and quake swarms on that south end, South Sandwich Is. part. The regular Mid Atlantic Ridge quakes are because the plate is spreading there, like baking bread. What makes these south quakes look man-made or science/weapons experiment related is the odd military history of Antarctica. And the Falklands and the Black Goo story.

In the past, Joseph Farrell has talked about strange military history around Antarctica. And we saw this in the news and thought, “hmmm...“.
The WatchersAnthrax outbreak in Siberian Arctic, first since 1941

And July 31st, Joseph Farrell wrote this – WHAT’S UP WAY DOWN THERE? AND WHAT’S GOING DOWN WAY UP ….

” . . . A few years prior, you’ll recall, there was much speculation about what the Russians were doing, or had found (or both), at Lake Vostok, the large submerged lake in Antarctica. The Russians weren’t talking; which left everyone else to talk and guess. More recently, after his historic meeting with Pope Francis I, Kirill III, Patriarch of Moscow, made his way to Antarctica as well, took a couple of photo op pictures with the penguins, and blessed a Russian church there, apparently the first Orthodox church on that continent. But I cannot help but think that maybe there was more than that at work. . . “



Maybe some big machine is getting tested in a base near there (or a tunnel) and setting things off.