Rockefeller, Ford, and other “charitable” foundations funded mind control experiments

4 03 2016

Blacklisted News MKUltra Researcher Put Electrodes in People’s Brains for the US Government
By Melissa Dykes

In the  electronicBrainmid-1950s, neurophysiologist Carl Wilhelm Sem-Jacobsen built his own EEG lab at Gaustad psychiatric hospital in Norway with copious funding from the Rockefeller, Ford, and other “charitable” foundations. He soon took on multiple US government contracts from the Air Force, the Navy, and NASA for research using electrodes implanted in the brains of psych patients to carry out what many have said was unethical research on them. It is widely believed today that Sem-Jacobsen was really doing his brain research, which continued for years, under the auspices of MKUltra. . . . (more + videos)

Dream on if you think they ever stopped – F.C.