Biden Milks Buffalo

18 05 2022

A tale of 2 rampages – Waukesha parade attack and Buffalo supermarket attack

Look at this headline change


The Bidens arrive in Buffalo ‘to grieve with the community’, to call white
supremacist’s mass shooting ‘domestic terrorism’ and push
for gun control – amid questions over why President didn’t visit Waukesha after parade attack


The Bidens lay flowers at Buffalo grocery store where white supremacist gunman shot 10 dead: President grieves with community, will call rampage ‘domestic terrorism’ and demand more gun control

article –


Godfather of the racist Crime Bill now claims to be not-racist at shameless stump speech in Buffalo.

James Howard Kunstler writes “Gendron is a gift to the “Joe Biden” regime, which needed evidence for its claim that America is infested with “white supremacists,” who, “the president” has stated repeatedly, add up to the “greatest threat” the country faces. Will the dead of Buffalo serve as this year’s George Floyd, setting up a new summer of riots sanctioned tacitly by the party in charge? Who knows? For sure it will galvanize the likes of Alejandro Mayorkas (Dept. of Homeland Security) and Nina Jankowicz (Disinfo Governance Board chief) in their efforts to cancel anyone right-of-center on the political transect and normalize the suppression of speech.

As with most issues these days, though, the official narrative is out-of-synch with reality. What we have in America is mayhem and murder going every which way racially. The day after Gendron shot up the Tops, an as-yet-unnamed Asian man in his 60s shot up a Taiwanese church near the California Disneyland, killing one and critically wounding four, the victims all elderly Asians. And the same night as the Buffalo massacre, 23 people were wounded in three sequential shoot-outs around the Milwaukee Bucks basketball arena in that city. (Note poor marksmanship.) Just a few weeks ago, a black maniac named Frank James, 60, shot up a Brooklyn subway car, wounding ten people of various races. The shooter had posted many diatribes against whites, Hispanics, and even black people on Facebook. The news media stuffed that story down their memory holes inside of 48 hours.” (more)



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