bin Laden Buried-at-Sea Because No-One-Would-Take-Him A LIE!

4 05 2011

Now this is one of the most idiotic lies to come out of this Pakistan assault story. The White House line goes they had to drag his body away real quick to give a proper Muslim “burial” at sea because no country wanted the body to be buried in their country. Not even counting the fact that shoving a corpse off side a ship like bait is not considered OK in the Arab world let’s look at one country that could take him. Saudi Arabia.

The bin Laden family has favored status there.

King Faud owns tons of properties including a

 private island! Azizia Island is 4 square miles and would have lots and lots of room for bullet riddled corpse.

King Faud is so taken with the bin Laden clan they enjoy exclusive construction contracts for the biggest religious sites in the Kingdom including refurbishing Mecca!  

From – :

Because the bin Laden company had the exclusive contract for repairs in the Holy Places, its trucks entered and left Mecca at all hours without being inspected. And the rebels used “bin Laden” trucks to get weapons into the city. One of the bin Laden sons, Mahrous, was actually arrested on account of his ties with the Islamists, but was later freed. He is currently manager of the group’s Medina branch.

The reason is as follows: after studies in England, where he had kept company with Fadli (son of the ex-sultan of the Abdin region in South Yemen, now leader of a Yemeni fundamentalist group and arrested in Aden last January), Mahrous struck up friendships with a group of Syrian Moslem Brothers in exile in Saudi Arabia. Subsequent Saudi intelligence investigations showed that these Moslem Brothers had taken advantage of Mahrous to use bin Laden trucks without his knowledge.

There was a touch of irony to the episode: when the insurrection broke out, the Saudi security services had to go for help to the bin Ladens, the sole parties in possession of maps of Mecca enabling the Saudi (and Western) police to find their way through the city’s underground passageways.

In any case, the episode also demonstrated the strength of the ties between the royal family and the bin Laden Group. Had it been some other group, there is no doubt that Mahrous–whether accomplice or patsy–would have been thrown into prison and the group barred from further economic activity in the kingdom, the sentence serving as a warning to others. This was not the case.

Likewise, the Saudi authorities’ decision to issue an arrest warrant for Osama bin Laden on 16 May 1993 does not threaten to affect the relationship between the bin Ladens and the royal family. Osama, one of Mohammed’s youngest son, has been known for years for his fundamentalist activities. …The arrest warrant was issued both because of his support for fundamentalist groups involved in terrorist operations in Algeria and Egypt and his ties with upstart religious circles that tried to establish an independent human rights organization in Saudi Arabia at the beginning of May.

Contrary to appearances, both the Osama and the Mahrous incidents testify to the bin Laden’s influence within the kingdom.

Here’s some more dirt –

Is the reason the Bush Jr. won’t dance around the pyre at Ground Zero because he doesn’t want to offend the bin Laden family, the Saudi royal family and his crooked cronies in Saudi Arabian oil?

Another off shore locale where the (supposed) body of Osama bin Laden might rest is the bin Laden-friendly Cayman Islands. They had the tip-off on the 9-11 plot (cover for detonation) in AUGUST and didn’t relay it. . .

Anonymous Letter Warned of Bin Laden Attack

Statement by the Cayman Islands Government

Note to FBI, CIA, “Homeland” Security Dept., NSA and all the other spooks – above research took less than 10 minutes.

The reason for dumping the body secretly was:

 A] It was someone else

B] The was no burial at sea – whole story a big lie.  

US soldiers get orders to keep quiet on missions for decades or forever after they get out of the service. Navy Seals still don’t talk about their participation in political kidnappings and assassinations in Viet Nam.