Hinckley Release Final Cover Up Of Gipper Shooting Can’t Talk About Being Stalker To Gain White House

5 04 2017

By Trowbridge H. Ford


John Hinckley was the most conspicuous victim of the October surprise which resulted in Reagan becoming POTUS.

First recruited by CIA to stalk President Carter so much that he didn’t campaign sufficiently, only for his minders to discover that Carter’s people had apparently arranged the return of the American hostages in Tehran after Hinckley’s services were no longer thought to be necessary.

Hastily, his minders, headed by CIA assassination director Ted Shackley, made Mark David Chapman John Lennon’s killer in the hope that it would keep Carter supporters away from the polls, but he couldn’t arrange it until after the election, and they went ahead with it because they wanted still to settle scores with the troublesome Brit.

Hinckley went berserk over the killing, even attending his funeral, as Lennon was the only person he really loved. He wasn’t able, though, to get to his former director, Vice President George H. W. Bush, settling for The Gipper to impress actress Jodi Foster, and the SS [Secret Service] didn’t consider him a threat to the POTUS.

Now the feds don’t want the public to hear anything about his side of the story.