It Looks Like California is Toast 🔥

22 08 2020

California governor calls wildfires ‘deadly moment,’ urges residents to flee

(Reuters) – “Hundreds of wildfires burning across Central and Northern California that have already killed six people more than doubled in size on Friday, becoming some of the largest in state history and threatening small towns in the path of the flames.”

Raging Bay Area wildfires now among top-10 largest in California history


What to do to keep wildfire smoke out of your house
Problem: They have a big heat wave and scattered power outages (no air-co).





Surprise, Surprise, Surprise! California PG&E Customers get to Pay for Fire Damages!

14 04 2019

The Mercury News

Governor releases wildfire and PG&E plan that includes catastrophic fire fund proposal that could raise monthly power bills

Ratepayers, insurance customers, may face higher costs due to governor’s plan to address wildfires linked to PG&E and other causes

” . . . “The problem with a catastrophic wildfire fund is who pays for it,” said Jamie Court, president of Consumer Watchdog. “Utility ratepayers and state taxpayers may be stuck with the bill.” . . . “

$250 PG&E bill: Utility’s customers will pay 50 percent more if wildfires erupt again, report warns

Wildfire disasters could trigger massive spikes in monthly utility bills for PG&E customers


How Many in U.S. are Disaster-Homeless Since Sept. 2018?

4 12 2018

Hurricane Michael, then Florence then the California fire swarm in November – where are all these adrift, displaced people now? 

We got this link from the US Census office –

C. Austin-Fitts ties California fires to mortgage fraud

25 11 2018

at 47 min. mark –



It’s Not Space Weapons, It’s Not Space Weapons. . .

22 11 2018



California Burning – why didn’t they ask for outside help in the beginning?

11 11 2018

Was it because Gov. Brown hates Trump?
Recall the big animosity between liberal Californians and Washington D.C..

Perth Observer was asking, “Why weren’t military units called at the beginning before the forest fires got completely out of control?”. We are asking that too. The west coast is loaded with military installations.

2014 Video:


Page 20 – 28 of this DoD paper list scores of military installations in CA.


We don’t see the evidence of human cause in these wild fires in CA – but we sure did in the Greece firestorm – see: Is Fire Storm in Greece Man-Made?

We’ll add forest fire oddities to this post if we see any. Also, it could be expected the state government of CA will be sued for mishandling this disaster from the get go. Lots of information will come out in that case.