It Looks Like California is Toast 🔥

22 08 2020

California governor calls wildfires ‘deadly moment,’ urges residents to flee

(Reuters) – “Hundreds of wildfires burning across Central and Northern California that have already killed six people more than doubled in size on Friday, becoming some of the largest in state history and threatening small towns in the path of the flames.”

Raging Bay Area wildfires now among top-10 largest in California history


What to do to keep wildfire smoke out of your house
Problem: They have a big heat wave and scattered power outages (no air-co).





Crime Against Humanity: PG&E Bosses Want Huge Bonuses!

22 06 2019

PG&E seeks $10.9 million in bonuses for execs amid wildfire woes, bankruptcy
A dozen PG&E execs deemed to be “key employees” are in line for bonuses even though company is broke

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise! California PG&E Customers get to Pay for Fire Damages!

14 04 2019

The Mercury News

Governor releases wildfire and PG&E plan that includes catastrophic fire fund proposal that could raise monthly power bills

Ratepayers, insurance customers, may face higher costs due to governor’s plan to address wildfires linked to PG&E and other causes

” . . . “The problem with a catastrophic wildfire fund is who pays for it,” said Jamie Court, president of Consumer Watchdog. “Utility ratepayers and state taxpayers may be stuck with the bill.” . . . “

$250 PG&E bill: Utility’s customers will pay 50 percent more if wildfires erupt again, report warns

Wildfire disasters could trigger massive spikes in monthly utility bills for PG&E customers


On Simi Valley Radiation Released by CA Fires and Horse Deaths at Santa Anita Racetrack 🐴

9 03 2019

Some recent items to consider –


Dr. Leuren Moret ties the horse deaths to radiation from Simi Valley

This NPR article gives the game away on the dead horses at Santa Anita – “… deaths linked to the weather…”.  The rainy season in California (Mediterranean Climate) usually begins in Oct.-Nov. but this year, when there were dozens of wildfires starting in Oct., the rains were delayed until late Nov.-early December. The horse deaths started and coincided with the racing season opening in Dec. 2018.  The wildfires in the L.A. area were the worst and most lethal at the Santa Susana US govt. facility, that had over 12 old research nuclear reactors, and all of the spent nuclear fuel stored there since the 1950’s, as part of the extended Manhattan Proj.  It was a very hot fire and produced a huge billowing amount of metallic tasting smoke – always the tell-tale sign of radioactive materials burning, that headed for Malibu.  

About 20 years ago, radiation expert Dr. Chris Busby was a consultant on a lawsuit for hundreds of children living around Santa Susanna, who had very rare cancers or had died.  Busby suspected radiation from the Santa Susana facility caused it, and tested the groundwater.  He found very fresh short-lived isotopes in the water and knew then that the reactors (supposedly shut down) were still being used.  He also discovered they had not been licensed for 10 yrs, and were operating illegally.  He notified the lawyers for the plaintiffs, and within a few days, the defendants settled out of court for over $250 million, because the defendants were also liable for poisoning all of L.A. and didn’t want any media coverage to leak out that would result in more lawsuits.

The horses were exposed to the highest levels of radiation rainout of nanoparticles (95% of the rad in the air was washed out as soon as it started raining) from nearly 2000 deadly fresh fission products in the first few weeks of the rainy season, from the Santa Susana fire.  That is also the peak time for other rad related health cases increasing at all sites of radiation exposure, and causes the highest number globally of new cases of diabetes in humans (“FALLOUT: A study of superbombs, strontium 90 and survival” Ed. by John Fowler 1960, Fig. 5 p.32 “Sr90 in rainfall fallout in N.Y.C. as measured month by month since 1954.”).

After the Israeli-Lebanese war I wrote an internet warning about the health after effects in the M.East, from the special nuclear bombs – DU PLUS mini-nuc neutron bombs in one bomb that the US had rushed to Israel in the middle of the war to use on Lebanon.  Dr. Chris Busby had UK Govt. analyses from the bomb craters at the border of Israel with Lebanon, that reported the evidence.  After I looked at the annual rainfall patterns (Medit. climate) in Israel, I predicted an epidemic of diabetes would occur in Nov.-Dec. caused by the US “special” bombs.  The first newspaper article reporting large increases in diabetes in Israel came out in late DECEMBER!
Obviously the deaths of horses of all ages at Santa Anita, and the timing of the Dec. rainy season right after the fire, had to be environmental and caused by the peak 95% nuclear rainout from Santa Susanna smoke.  The article above confirmed it.  I also watched news stories of huge clouds of that radioactive metal tasting smoke heading for Malibu.  Much to my despair I saw Hollywood personalities walking around the ashes of their Malibu beach homes with smoke and fires still burning.  Those people are going to DIE very soon just like the horses.  There was also mention of the race tracks in the US being sprayed with rad waste, as is happening on the east coast on freeways between Boston and another town.  This deliberate release of rad waste is accelerating in the US and the EU…  Like Hawaii, California has become a radioactive paradise for all… and beyond.

YELLOW VESTS Emerge as Potent Force in America after Manmade California Firestorms

15 12 2018

“New California is a new state in development exercising its constitutional Right to form from the State of California as codified under Article IV Section 3 of the United States Constitution and in the United States Declaration of independence. (

In the community of Paradise over 2,000 buildings were destroyed and up to 600 people may be missing including the leadership team for the NEW CALIFORNIA STATE MOVEMENT from Butte County.

The town of Paradise, CA has served as one of the central locations for numerous meetings and town halls. Now the churches and residences along with the community of Paradise, are all destroyed.”

It’s Not Space Weapons, It’s Not Space Weapons. . .

22 11 2018



E-mail Reveals PG&E Planned to ZAP California Starting in 2011

20 11 2018

All about Rothschild connection to PG&E and the stealth takeover of so many towns and cities by unwanted, dangerous “smart meters” that are really building igniters.

Deborah Tavares is giving a statement to the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors – BEFORE the big California fire swarm this month:


Everything in this post is from this great website –

Stop the

Stop the Crime face book page

Their page on smart meters –

PG&E and weather modification programs

2011 message from PG&E exec to a pal in the California Public Utilities Commission:
" . . . we are the first to propose a solar generator in space that will beam RF waves down to a receptor site and convert it to DC current. We have changed our receptor site from the Mojave desert to Sebastopol."
[PDF of the exchange, 3 pages]


All about the control of water in California by Rothschild and Rockefeller cabal –

Sonoma County, California to WORK with Rockefeller and Rothschild on WATER CONSENSUS Group – HIRED by Sonoma County . . .


PG&E About Us page:
Roger H. Kimmel…. Vice Chairman of Rothschild Inc. …. has been a director of PG&E Corporation and Pacific Gas and Electric Company since 2009.

More on his business connections.

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