Costa Luminosa cruise ship: 3 confirmed cases of coronavirus aboard, docks in Italy 🚢 <<< UPDATE! A criminal investigation has been opened into the Ruby Princess 🚔

22 03 2020

USA Today – Costa cruise resumes disembarking passengers in Italy; Ruby Princess guests to quarantine

“On Saturday, the Costa Luminosa cruise ship, which had at least three confirmed cases of coronavirus aboard, continued its disembarkation process in Savona, Italy. The ship has been allowed to dock despite the country being in a state of lockdown, issued on March 9.
“Costa Luminosa is currently docked in the port of Savona where the maritime authorities are carrying out health checks,” Costa Cruises said in a statement Saturday . . . .”

Officials alerting Ruby Princess passengers others tested positive

A third Princess Cruise ship has become subject to the chaos of coronavirus. 

After two members of the Princess Cruises fleet, Diamond Princess and Grand Princess, were forced into quarantine as a result of the rampant virus, Ruby Princess’ former passengers now have to worry that they too could have been exposed to COVID-19.

April 5


NSW Police homicide squad launches criminal investigation into Ruby Princess coronavirus deaths

A criminal investigation has been opened into the Ruby Princess ship and whether its operator downplayed potential coronavirus cases before thousands passengers to disembarked in Sydney last month.


Jewel of the Seas Cruise Ship quarantined off Abu Dhabi 🚢 << UPDATE: Carnival Suspends All Cruises

11 03 2020


No one wants them to come to their port . . .



Luxury Liner Sinking Off Italian Coast – Costa Concordia on its SIDE(!)

14 01 2012

TV news slept through this breaking news —

From The Telegraph

The Costa Concordia ran aground off the coast of Tuscany, Italy, late on Friday, sending water pouring in through a 160-foot gash in the hull, and forcing the evacuation of some 4,200 people from the listing vessel early on Saturday. . . story plus video –

Dramatic PHOTOS from CBS. It is part of Carnival Cruise lines.

Jan. 19  UPDATE–  Concordia Ship at ‘High Risk’ of Sinking, Italian Minister Says


LIVE VIEW (VIDEO LINK)  – YouTube removed this operational LIVE tv feed – with the false notice that it is spam.

More media reports and how to get live info is on our Jan. 16th post – F.C.

HELP for friends of passengers – – many languages.

This YouTube clip has mostly audio of very calming, clear instructions in pitch dark for passengers to exit.

 Some people missing still but not as many as you’d think. CNN reports the ship did not issue a May Day call as it sank.

CNN says they arrested the captain.  He is Francesco Schettino.  Reuters says ship captain arrested on suspicion of manslaughter. Ship’s “black box” recovered.

NEW!    Cruise line suggests “significant human error” 

and ‘Showboating’ linked to cruise disaster :

”Ships of such dimensions cannot sail so close to a coastline where one knows there are rocks,”  


Therew will be more reliable news Tuesday when the captain appears in court. Italian officials are comparing crew stories.

Luxury cruise ship aground off Italy; 3 dead (story & photos)

PHOTO: Stringer/AFP


MORE VIDEO, short clips –

‘Mystery (California) Contrail’ + ‘Stranded Cruise Ship’ = Chinese EMP Missile Weapon Test?

15 04 2011

This rumor is swirling the internet. F.C. just found out about it.

Were the stories of the mystery rocket off California last November and the  stranding of the giant cruise ship in the Pacific  south of California related??? Check this out:

From Above Top Secret:

‘Mystery Contrail’ + ‘Stranded Cruise Ship’ = Chinese EMP Missile Weapon Test? 

Anyone remember these two incidents that occurred the same day, Nov. 9, 2010? 

. . . “Jim Marrs was on Coast To Coast the the other night saying that according to information and documents he received from a retired missile launch officer, the “mystery plume” off the coast of California was actually a missile fired from a Chinese sub that was carrying a secret new EMP weapon which completely caught NORAD off guard. And apparently the “stealth” design meant it couldn’t be tracked by radar. . . “ 

Chinese Anti-Ship Cruise Missile Firing as Part of Combined Arms Anti-Carrier Exercises in East China Sea, 30 June-5 July

A new window into Chinese naval combined arms operations involving warships and fighter jets opened recently in the East China Sea. There the PLA carried out “live firing training” in a relatively small box-shaped area off Zhejiang Province between Zhoushan and Taizhou, within China’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) in the East China Sea from 30 June-5 July. The core theme of the combined arms exercises appears to have been demonstrating capabilities to attack surface ships, apparently a carrier strike group (CSG). Issues influencing the exact timing of the exercises likely include a desire to pressure the U.S. Navy not to hold exercises involving a carrier strike group with its South Korean counterpart in areas near China’s territorial waters and Exclusive Economic Zone.  . .  (more)